Bonfire Night Ideas

1st November 2018 in Just for fun | Top Tips

Bonfire Night Ideas

Bonfire Night Ideas

Winter is just a stretch away and dark nights are upon us. Bonfire night is the perfect excuse to dress up warm and put on your favourite coat. There’s nothing better than being cosy and warm, wrapped up in your hats, gloves and scarfs. This year you may be planning on hosting a private fireworks party, we have the best bonfire entertainment ideas to make sure it goes off with a BANG!

At home ideas

fairy lights



If you are hosting a garden party, why not make it look inviting? You could add a sense of magic with some fairy lights. Take a large glass jar and fill it with LED short lights. They are simple to make and look amazing. These could be hung around the garden in trees or placed on your garden table. If you don’t have any short lights, you can use long lights to hang up and wrap around trees. If you don’t have any lights you could also use glow sticks to place inside jars. Or, if you have any leftover balloons from Halloween you could also put glow sticks in balloons to make lanterns.



It wouldn’t be a garden party without toasted marshmallows! These are everyone’s favourite. All you need is marshmallows and long cocktail sticks. These can be toasted on your outside fire, whilst watching the fireworks. A nice touch would be melted chocolate and strawberries. These would make a great complementary.



Sparklers are a bonfire night tradition. Make sure to careful with them as they can be quite dangerous. But these always look pretty in the dark. These would make a great contribution to your garden party and are a safer alternative to fireworks.



Glow-in-the-dark bubbles! You may be thinking it sounds a little strange. But these are easy to make and look very magical. All you need are regular bubbles and glow sticks. Add a few drops of the glow stick solution to the bubbles and mix them up! Blow as normal and you will have glow in the dark bubbles, perfect for dark nights. Warning: keep bottle out of reach of young children as the solution may be dangerous if ingested. Keep away from eyes.



Promotional Products

When hosting your Bonfire party your guests will need somewhere to sit. We have promotional outdoor chairs that would be perfect for this occasion. These chairs are super comfy and can be branded with your own logo and message. These are multi purpose chairs that can be used all year round.

Why not also consider our camping light lanterns? These are perfect for the garden table or scattered round the floor. These, again, can be branded with you logo message which will be perfect for shining a light on your brand during your bonfire event.

The cold weather couldn’t pair with anything better than these gloves! These cost-effective promotional smart phone gloves are an inexpensive investment, perfect for this season. You can keep your hands warm whilst using your phone! This also means your guests can post about your event on social media whilst wearing your very own promotional gloves!



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