Why You Need Office Plants

23rd August 2018 in Green

Why You Need Office Plants

With our rapidly growing cities, it’s easy to feel deprived of greenery which can come at great cost to our mental well-being, so much so that the NHS have stepped in and introduced “green prescriptions” following extensive research done in Japan on the psychological impact that nature has on human well-being.

The results spoke for themselves; stress hormones of participants within cities dropped dramatically after just 30 minutes spent immersed in nature. Being surrounded by leafy greenery also hugely decreased activity in the nervous system which triggers our bodies stress response.

EverythingBranded.co.uk Leicester offices

More and more businesses are recognising that green offices and the use of a tactfully placed office plants can boost workplace productivity, resulting in saving serious money by dramatically reducing illness and absences amongst their employees. Paul Rowlett, Founder and CEO of EverythingBranded commented on his involvement when designing his Leicester based offices for EverythingBranded.co.uk:

“We designed our Leicester offices with the focus on creating a space that our employees would enjoy and feel relaxed in, increasing their levels of happiness and productivity. Office plants can truly transform office space by adding life, colour and ventilation so I opted for a living moss wall, a specified amount of plants per square metre and a chill out area resembling a garden, complete with fake grass, picnic benches and beanbags. It has been a great success, the feedback from employees regarding it is always extremely positive. When it comes to my business I live by the mantra that if you look after your team first, you will flourish in business” – Paul Rowlett Founder and CEO of EverythingBranded

Amazon (the multibillion American electronic commerce and cloud computing company) recently revealed images of their new Seattle headquarters which showcased large glass “forest orbs” which provide work areas and meeting places for Amazon employees away from the traditional office tower in the city. The company described The Spheres as “a direct link to nature” for employees, who can make use of a “tree-house” meeting room. The interior includes timber decking, floating staircases, terraces, water features and a four-storey wall covered in living organisms.



Amazon Seattle Headquarters

Amazon Seattle HQ

If the mindful benefits aren’t enough to sway you in turning your office space into a green sanctuary, maybe the huge Eco friendly benefits they offer might be the push for you. A decorative plant wall does more than just create a nice vibe, it can lower your buildings energy costs. A process known as “evapotranspiration” makes it possible for the areas around living walls to be cooler in the summer months. During the winter the living walls provide an added layer of insulation to indoor areas, reducing heating costs. Office plants also help stabilise moisture levels in a room by sucking moisture out of the air when humidity is high and then release it back to the air when humidity is low.

So with that said, if you are looking around at a bare walled office with no visual stimulant- grab the next potted plant you see, it could make the world of difference to your mood!

EverythingBranded offers desk friendly options for office plants which require little to none water, so you don’t have to worry about a spill around your electronics!










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