What Bamboo?

28th February 2020 in Green

What Bamboo?

Your guide to all thing’s sustainable

Eco-friendly promotional products are becoming increasingly popular in the branding industry. With government policies introduced to reduce the carbon footprint of businesses, there’s no better time to swop your promotional products to a bamboo alternative. With it being a versatile material it can be used for a range of products, some of these include cups, travel mugs, power banks, speakers, pens and even toothbrushes!  

Some of our favourites

Bamboo travel cups – these are a great alternative to plastic bottles. These tumblers are perfect for on the go or to have at your office desk. They come in a range of different coloured lid and grips, so there is one to suit every brand. Have your bamboo tumbler custom designed and printed with your company logo to stand out from the competition at your next tradeshow.

Bamboo ball pens – these are the ideal alternative to any plastic pen, featuring a bamboo body with metal trim parts. These pens are different from any other office pen, which is why they will make your business stand out from the competition at your next tradeshow. 

Bamboo serving board – this is perfect for any business in the food industry. Our inexpensive serving board feature a loop and finishing top layer of vegetarian. Making the ideal gift for your loyal customers

Geen and good toothbrushes – these are made from sustainable bamboo with charcoal-nylon bristles. This sustainable toothbrush also features a 100% biodegradable handle, perfect for any business in the travel or health industry.

Learn more about our bamboo range

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