EverythingBranded’s Eco Awareness Month – What I learned

31st August 2018 in Green

EverythingBranded’s Eco Awareness Month – What I learned

As our Eco Awareness Month at EverythingBranded.co.uk comes to an end, I’m reflecting on the impact it has had on me. I have always considered myself an Eco-conscious person by default; I’m a millennial, a generation who know to recycle and own at least one piece of hemp clothing. I know the notions, I follow them and I do this as I have heard it’s better for the environment. The emotional impact of why we do these things never fully registered within me until this month.

Researching- reading article after article on Eco topics and issues, the impending doom facing the earth and the damage us humans have caused to wildlife and the environment left me breathless. How did I not know pizza boxes were non-recyclables? Why did nobody tell me a plastic bottle can take up to 500 years to biodegrade and a plastic bag 1000? Coming to the realisation that every plastic bag I have ever purchased is still out there, somewhere, floating around strangling dolphins along the way was painful. Dolphins, I am so sorry for all the ways my ignorance has impacted your watery world. I promise to do better and look after this drier side of our earth with the same harmonious respect as you have treated our oceans with- hands and flippers in the air united as one!

As part of my research into our Eco awareness month at EverythingBranded.co.uk I set myself the challenge of going waste free for a week aka no packaging. I pictured arty photos (if such a thing is possible) of avocados, me tousled hair and tanned browsing the fresh fruit market…but my tan is from a plastic bottle and the irony theme continues and basically, I failed miserably.

I did try, I took my reusable bags to my local supermarket and browsed, and browsed. An hour later I emerged clutching a couple of non-packaged vegetables and a rather sad looking loaf of bread that I had to awkwardly stick my head through the shelves and ask the baker to hand to me before starting the packaging process. What struck me most was the lack of options there was if you were to shop no waste. Yes, there was loose onions, but not red. You could have 1 avocado, but not 2 and if you fancied having potatoes with your dinner you better settle for the large cooking ones instead of the far more conveniently small sized ones. I felt confused as I believed most vegetables were sold loosely and not packaged, but no. Until I took the time to stop and properly look I realised the majority are in fact packaged, and it’s only a small selection that aren’t. I think I managed 2 days waste free before a painful migraine had me dashing across the road to my local corner shop. My pain relief came wrapped in cellophane, cardboard and 3 plastic trays inside. Fail.

EverythingBranded.co.uk’s Eco Awareness Month has made me become acutely aware of unnecessary packaging and I’m trying now to make the effort to avoid it, opting for bulk buying my daily use products which significantly reduces packaging and therefore the resources used to manufacture them. I am excited rather than scared about the state of the world now, with more and more people becoming involved and caring about the environment and looking at how they can positively contribute towards it. It’s reassuring. Gone are the days for sticking out or being labelled a “hippy” for caring about our planet. It’s becoming cool to care and long may it continue!

Be the change you wish to see in the world -Gandhi


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