5 Genius Green Office Inventions And Alternatives!

21st August 2018 in Green | Top Tips

5 Genius Green Office Inventions And Alternatives!

We all want the newest, shiniest gadgets and gizmos, but at what price to the planet? You’ve heard about the impact that our technology-driven population is having on the planet- from cars, to energy usage, to the over-consumption of our planets already limited resources. Each of these innovative green office inventions were created by people looking for a more eco-friendly option to combat un-sustainable office practice.



Korean designer Jeon Hwan Ju invented an ingenious way to green your morning ritual: by turning your old coffee grounds into a sustainable source of ink for your printer. It works off residuals of coffee and tea instead of ink, all you need is to add paper and fill the ink case. This printer is incredibly saving and ecological!



These clever pencil inventions were designed to combat excess waste that ends up in landfills. They are made of sustainably sourced cedar wood with the pigmented core made of a mixture of clay and graphite, and at the “eraser-end” a seed capsule. Once the pencil has been well worn down and read to replace, instead of throwing it in the bi, plant the eraser end in a pot with soil and watch it sprout.


On average, we boil twice the amount of water needed every time we use our kettles. British designer Brian Hartley’s came up with a solution by inventing the Eco Kettle. By filling it up, then using the measuring button to release the exact amount of water you require – from a single cup to a full jug – into a separate chamber for boiling. It is also insulated to keep the water hot. The result is an energy saving of up to 30%.


Air conditioning puts is a huge drain on electricity supplies. Ice Energy came up with a smart invention, “Ice Bear” is frozen overnight when temperatures are lower and electricity, in many countries, is cheaper, and the ice then cools the AC unit’s refrigerant during the day. This results in a 30% saving in energy use.


In the past cities have been referred to as concreate jungles, but these day if you look up, you might just get a surprise. “Sky gardens” are growing increasingly popular in high rise areas, used as community spaces, personal gardens, or even as a space to grow food. But there are other advantages to them too: they reduce run-off in periods of heavy rain, and they cut back on the heat that gets trapped in built-up areas, resulting in less need for air conditioning.

If used daily by everyone, these green office inventions could change the world for the better! The green economy is growing, throwing us plenty of replacement products that promise increasing energy efficiency, saving water and reducing fuel consumption.


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