5 Genius Green Office Inventions and Alternatives!

21st August 2018 in Green | Top Tips

5 Genius Green Office Inventions and Alternatives!

More than ever, businesses across the world are working hard to shrink their environmental footprint. And for good reason. Every business, both big and small, contributes to the wider impact on the environment.

We all want the newest, shiniest gadgets and gizmos, but at what price to the planet? You’ve heard about the impact that our technology-driven population is having on the planet- from cars, to energy usage, to the over-consumption of our planets already limited resources. Each of these innovative green office inventions were created by people looking for a more Eco-friendly option to combat unsustainable office practice.


The RITI inkbox

A great starting point is reassessing your office’s printing habits. Printing plays an integral role for many businesses on a daily basis and its impact can soon add up. Office printing can be a costly endeavour, both in terms of environmental impact and financial outlay. One study found that the average company print spend is typically in the region of 1-3% of an organisation’s revenue – which can really tot up.

Only 15% of the 65 million printer cartridges that are sold in the UK are recycled which means the rest end up in landfill sites and this is major bad news as the plastic used in a typical cartridge is made of engineering grade polymers and is expected to take up to 1000 years to decompose!

The RITI inkbox was invented by Korean designer Jeon Hwan Ju ias an ingenious way to green your morning ritual: by turning your old coffee grounds into a sustainable source of ink for your printer. It works off of coffee or tea dregs which are placed into the cartridge and mixed with a little water, all you need is to add paper and fill the ink case. This printer is incredibly saving and ecological!



Sprout Pencils

Writing Instruments are simple tools that we use on a daily basis in the office. About 15-20 billion pencils are produced every year worldwide, that is a lot of heavy deforestation and manufacturing!

A 20-foot Pine tree needs to be cut down to make 2500 pencils; and there are over 14 billion pencils produced worldwide every year. Think about the number of trees that have been cut!

Sprout Pencils offer a solution to the deforestation issue. These clever pencils are made of sustainable sourced cedar wood with the pigmented core made of a mixture of clay and graphite, and at the “eraser-end” a seed capsule. Once the pencil has been well worn down and read to replace, instead of throwing it in the bin, you simply plant the eraser end in a pot with soil and watch it sprout. All aspects of the Sprout pencil are sustainable and non-toxic – from the biodegradable seed capsule to the 100% natural clay and graphite core and PEFC/FSC-certified wood.




The Re-Feed

The Re-Feed was a student concept by Fanny Nilsson that re-imagines composting for city schedules. It’s an indoor composter, but rather than promising heaps of soil, it’s only looking to feed your houseplants with some “liquid nourishment.” You drop in compostable items–your standard array of organic scraps–and a battery-powered blade grinds up the waste. It composts, and when that process is complete, water is added to the mix.

This nutrient-rich liquid is fed to plants through a tube that reaches straight into the roots of a complementary flower pot, a feeding that can even be scheduled by the less-attentive plant owner.

This nutrient-rich liquid is fed to plants through a tube that reaches straight into the roots of a complementary flower pot, a feeding that can even be scheduled by the less-attentive plant owner.





These personal air conditioners solve the common dilemma of undesired, uncontrollable temperatures in the office. Oftentimes, workplace temperatures are the opposite of outside: too hot when it’s cold out and too cold when it’s hot out. While the Evapolar doesn’t provide a solution for the frigid office, it does for the work space that is uncomfortably warm.

By simply using an accordion of basalt materials, the Evapolar functions as a fan for your desk that is low-energy and personalised – as the cool air it provides doesn’t spread to the room, let alone your neighbour’s desk. The personal air conditioners use a simple yet intense evaporation and cooling system to suck in water from the air and cool it down through capillary action. Powerful while compact, this energy-efficient device will help make the every day experience at work a little more comfortable.





The Eco Kettle

A study shows reducing the amount of water used to make tea and coffee could shave £68million from household energy bills. Most people boil the kettle every day with 40 per cent of those surveyed doing so five times or more.

However, three-quarters of households boil more water than they need costing around £8 per home, the report claims.

The Eco Kettle was designer by British inventor Brian Hartley. On average, we boil twice the amount of water needed every time we use our kettles. By filling the Eco Kettle up, then using the measuring button to release the exact amount of water you require – from a single cup to a full jug – into a separate chamber for boiling. It is also insulated to keep the water hot. The result is an energy saving of up to 30% compared with their normal kettle





If used daily by everyone, these green office inventions could change the world for the better! The green economy is growing, throwing us plenty of replacement products that promise increasing energy efficiency, saving water and reducing fuel consumption.

At EverythingBranded we encourage our customers to shop sustainable. We are proud of our large range of Eco-friendly promotional products that we can offer you. So take the jump and make the switch to a green office today!

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