Post-event Interview – Yorkshire Ambulance Service

7th December 2016 in Charity

Post-event Interview – Yorkshire Ambulance Service

Post-event Interview –Yorkshire Ambulance Service

Over the last year, we’ve worked with some great causes, providing them with discounts and free promotional materials. The Yorkshire Ambulance Service Charitable Fund, who are a returning customer, bought over 20,000 bags from us and because we believed in their fantastic cause we offered a few freebies with their order.

Yorkshire Ambulance Service

Lizzie Jones, widow of professional rugby player Danny Jones who passed away from cardiac arrest last year.

The Yorkshire Ambulance Service covers almost 6,000sq miles and services over 5 million people. The products were mostly used for the Restart a Heart campaign. This campaign aimed to teach 25,000 young people from Yorkshire life-saving CPR knowledge. Here is the blog post we wrote at the time.

We had a chat with an member of the Yorkshire Ambulance Service’s communications team. We asked her about how the event and the products went.

How did the event go?

Restart a Heart Day  was a great success – we provided life-saving cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training to 20,045 youngsters at 105 secondary schools on 18 October 2016, thanks to 501 volunteers who carried out the training using Call, Push, Rescue kits provided by the British Heart Foundation.

It is the third year we have run the event in Yorkshire and it becomes more and more successful every year. Over 30,000 people suffer cardiac arrests outside of hospital in the UK every year. If this happens in front of a bystander who starts CPR immediately before the arrival of the ambulance, the patient’s chances of survival double. This is why we are committed to providing the free training on Restart a Heart Day; it really does mean the difference between life and death.

What promotional products did you use?

Out of all the secondary schools taking part, we choose a flagship school where all the media activity is focused. The events always attract extensive media interest, both national and regional, so promotional products were an ideal way of conveying our life-saving campaign messages at the flagship school.

This year we were fortunate to secure sponsorship from Everything Branded which enabled us to purchase, for the first time, a range of promotional items, from pull-up banners to large vinyl banners promoting the event and the importance of learning CPR. The Yorkshire Ambulance Service Charitable Fund donated funds for Everything Branded drawstring bags which were filled with goodies and given to all 20,045 participating students. We also had selfie boards to encourage youngsters to post photos of their activities on social media.

How did the promotional products go down?

Yorkshire Ambulance Service

Cardinal Heenan Catholic High School

The series of pull-up banners and large vinyl banners looked great and really helped to create a sense of occasion in the main hall where the training was carried out, as well as highlighting vital messages about what CPR is and how it can make a huge difference when someone has suffered a cardiac arrest. The pupils are always really engaged in the training and understand that it is one of the most important lessons they will ever learn so the drawstring goodie bags were a great way to say thank you to everyone for taking part
and were well-received by the youngsters. The selfie boards were incredibly popular and helped to raise the profile of the event on social media.

Would you recommend using promotional products to others?

Undoubtedly! The event is run on a tiny budget but we were fortunate to receive sponsorship from a number of companies. This has meant we’ve been able to buy promotional items. We are looking forward to using them again next year!

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For more information on the Yorkshire Ambulance Serivce and the fantastic work they do, head to their website.