EverythingBranded celebrates UK Charity Week

4th December 2017 in Charity

EverythingBranded celebrates UK Charity Week

Monday, December 4 is the first day of UK charity week. The UK Charity Week host the annual national charity awareness and fundraising campaign. Everyone here at EverythingBranded believes in the good that charities can do the in the local community and beyond.

The UK charity week is held in the first week in December, from Monday, December 4 to December 10.

EverythingBranded.co.uk runs a monthly Charity of the Month scheme where our sales team pitches one of their customers to be offered a number of free products that month. We are pleased to offer this scheme, along with our two official charity partnerships, as we believe it’s worthwhile to help these great causes out.

What is UK Charity week?

The purpose of UK Charity week is to raise awareness and fundraise for charities high on the national agenda at a time of the year. This gives people of the United Kingdom an opportunity to be generous and to help charities.

Who we’ve worked with

EverythingBranded.co.uk are pleased to say that we have a partnership with Bodie Hodges Foundation and Cash for Kids which is a children’s charity ran by East midlands commercial radio station, Gem 106. For more information about the Bodie Hodges Foundation and how to help them, please click here. To head to Cash for Kids’ homepage, please click here.

Why us?

Many charities use our promotional products to fundraise and increase awareness in their cause. Our promotional charity products can be sold on for profit or can be given as freebie presented in a goodie bag.

EverythingBranded.co.uk are happy to work with charities in all areas of the UK, the size of the charity does not matter. If you’re a charity looking to be a part of the group’s Charity of the Month scheme, please email [email protected]

Check out UKCharityWeek website to see the events of the charity week and to get updated with all the latest news about charities.