Time for a Cuppa – using mugs for marketing

27th February 2017 in Charity

Time for a Cuppa – using mugs for marketing

Time for a Cuppa – using mugs for marketing

Branded mugs are one of the best-selling promotional products year on year. They are perfect for filling out an office kitchen, stocking out a café and being used for charity fundraising at events like MacMillan’s Coffee Morning and Dementia UK’s Time for a Cuppa.

Dementia UK is passionate about helping families who are living with dementia. The work they carry out is done through Admiral nurses who are specialist registered nurses. The Time for a Cuppa campaign runs from March 1 to 8 and will help raise vital money to help Dementia UK raise money for these nurses.

You can order a free Time for a Cuppa 2017 tea party pack from the Dementia UK website. The pack is full of items including games, fundraising items and promotional materials. As well as these promotional materials, you can also get promotional mugs for the event.

You can use these promotional mugs to serve the cuppa in, and then offer to give the mugs a wash and give them away as a free promotional giveaway. The Time for a Cuppa events will still raise the vital funds but now people will have a free giveaway to remember the event by.

The same applies for the popular MacMillan Coffee Mornings. A combination of coffee, cakes and promotional mugs can create a fun and successful marketing campaign.

The best options for your Time for a Cuppa event:

Promotional mugs come in many shapes, sizes and crafted from various materials. If you’re using branded mugs as a tool for fundraising you’re going to want to choose a printed mug that’s both cost-effective and a good quality. Here are just a couple of options available here at EverythingBranded.

The Cambridge and Durham

The Cambridge or Durham mugs (depending on supplier) are one of the most recognisable mugs available. They come in a number of colours and even in a full colour wrap, so they really do maximise any marketing needs.

The Corporate

Corporate by name but budget by nature. The large mugs are available on our fast track service. If you order them now they’ll be ready for your Time for a Cuppa fundraising events.

The mugs are only available in white which allows your artwork to stand out against the bright background.

For more information on Dementia UK’s Time for a Cuppa event you can head to their website. To begin your search for promotional mugs, or any other branded product, head to our homepage. You can also give our sales team a call on 0116 3660052.