Promotional charity products – the right choice for you?

13th February 2017 in Branding Advice | Charity

Promotional charity products – the right choice for you?

Putting on a charity event but don’t know where to start with the promotional charity products? Look no further than We offer over 500 promotional charity products to ensure your brand, event and cause leaves a lasting impression.

We offer badges, wristbands, trolley coins, furry bugs, teddy bears, money boxes and many more items.

Why you need promotional charity products

Promotional giveaways are a little reminder of the event and raise awareness of your brand and your cause. Often having a small item for sale keeps the message you want to promote in the public’s mind. The item also acts as a token of their generosity for others to see, whilst promoting your brand and cause.

The products


A great fundraising promotional charity product for all kinds of events, they’re small and portable and can be attached to anything, such as coats, tops, or bags. We offer pin back, button back in plastic, PVC and enamelled metal badges, in any shape. Prices start from 6p for a button badge, up to £4.19 for our premium magnetic name badges.


Printed wristbands are one of our top selling promotional products for many events, such as festivals, school trips, charity fun runs, and fundraising campaigns. We offer an extensive range of exciting colours and band materials, ranging from paper to silicone.

With so many designs to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find something to suit your needs. We offer reflective armband designs, slapwraps, LED silicone wristbands, sweatbands, snap band watches and many more. Prices range from 7p, up to £5.52.

Trolley coins

Ideal for any supermarket chain-store giveaway, trade shows or exhibitions. These trolley coins will become immediately useful and due to being keyrings, they will ensure your brand and cause is seen daily on clients sets of keys. Prices range from 22p, up to £1.49.

Furry bugs

Our furry bugs come in the form of many different animals. They all have self adhesive bottoms and make an inexpensive and cheerful giveaway at shows and conferences. Each furry bug comes with a ribbon, allowing for easy printing of your brand, contact details and message.  Our competitive prices range from 22p to 34p.

Plush animals

Everyone loves a promotional plush animal. They’re great fundraisers for charity events, able to be sold as part of a campaign or used in a raffle. Our plush animals come in different sizes and designs such as a grasp toy, cuddle blanket, rattle and keychains. We offer bears, moose’s, lions, elephants, pandas, and many, many more. Prices start from £1.16 for our Schmoozies range, up to £82.08 for our XXL softplush teddy bear.

Our plush line is not only limited to animals, we also sell plush animal clothes, scarfs and bandanas as well. Prices range from 30p, up to £1.04.

Money boxes

Promotional branded money boxes are a popular option to keep your brand and cause in the clients mind. They have large printable areas for branding and serve as a long term product, as they’ll be used for saving money, meaning they’ll be around the client long after the event is over. We offer low cost money boxes as promotional giveaways and charity containers in any colour, which can have a wrap around print or fitted with a full wrap around label. Every container is supplied with a cord, a pair of security labels and a security chain. We also have an executive line of money boxes, such as our silver piggy bank and philippi car savings box. Prices range from 42p, up to £27.18.

We offer an extensive range for all charitable fundraising needs. Click here to buy any of the products listed above or call our sales team, who will be happy to assist you on 0116 366 0052.