Organic Harvest Month – September

26th August 2016 in Charity

Organic Harvest Month – September

Organic Harvest MonthSeptember is Organic Harvest Month and we are encouraging everyone to get good and green this month.

Many companies, including ourselves here at, like to keep an eye on their carbon footprint. Whether it’s through making sure our printers and PCs are turned off at the end of the day, or from using organic and eco-friendly promotional products.

The Organic Trade Organisation have given five simple steps or ideas that you and your business can to do show that you believe that organic is worth it. We think that we are in a position to help you with a few of these steps.

Their first step is to prepare a meal. A meal with as many organic ingredients as possible. Although this first point isn’t one where we can necessarily help, we do have a recycled measuring spoons and spaghetti measures which you can use to create your organic delights.

The second suggestion is go shopping. Although this may be about buying ingredients, one way we can use promotional products in this way is with the use of some eco-friendly grocery bags. Whether you’re looking for paper, plastic, cotton or jute, we have environmentally friendly sourced bags available in all range of sizes.

What better way to show you support the eco-friendly movement than to wear the products for all to see? A great example of this is the organic cotton cap we have available.

The fourth step to truly celebrating Organic Harvest Month is to go ahead and indulge yourself. That doesn’t sound hard now does it! Perhaps organic chocolate is your thing, or even some organically sourced mints in a recycled tin. We also have a fantastic range of eco-friendly mugs and cups for you to help you indulge (in support of Organic Harvest Month, of course!).

The last point may not really involve EverythingBranded and our range of environmentally friendly products, but it’s an important one all the same. Say thank you. A simple thank you to an organic grower and producer can mean the world, and that really is the idea of Organic Harvest Month.

This may be an awareness month in America but there is no harm in your company or charity giving it a go. To start your search head to our homepage.