Macy’s Rainbows for the NHS

9th September 2020 in Charity

Macy’s Rainbows for the NHS

Macy’s Rainbows

EverythingBranded was recently contacted by Lindsay Owen the mother of 9-year-old Macy who has raised over £7000 to buy treats for the staff and patients at Warrington Hospital. She is raised this money by making and selling beaded rainbows!

Macy has been featured on BBC Radio and in local papers. She has been awarded Pride of Britain and even Boris Johnson put some time in his diary to personally meet her and give her the Points of Light award in recognition of her exceptional service supporting NHS staff and patients.

New analysis by the Health Foundation finds that even before the pandemic, to meet the 18-week standard for newly referred patients and clear the backlog of patients who will have already waited longer than 18 weeks, the NHS would have needed to treat an additional 500,000 patients a year for the next 4 years.

The pandemic is likely to increase waiting lists further so the challenge will undoubtedly be even greater.

Even before the impact of the pandemic is factored in, meeting the 18-week standard would require hospitals to increase the number of patients they admit by an amount equivalent to 12% of all the patients admitted for planned care in 2017/18. This would be an unprecedented increase in activity.

EverythingBranded helped give Macy’s fundraising a boost by donating 100 Car Air Fresheners. The air fresheners are currently being sold on her Facebook page.

For more information about the promotional bags provided and EverythingBranded, call them on 0116 3660052 or visit their website. EverythingBranded also supply the popular #SmileforJoel wristbands.

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