James and the Home Eddie Bear

28th October 2020 in Charity

James and the Home Eddie Bear

James and the Home Eddie Bear

Mental health issues in your child may be the last thing on your mind. When we think of childhood, we tend to conjure up images of carefree, happy, and playful times; but many of us underestimate how much of the environment children absorb and can be affected by. Did you know that 10% of children and young people (aged 5-16 years) have a clinically diagnosable mental health problem, yet 72% of children and adolescents who experience mental health issues have not had the right interventions at a sufficiently early age.

One young entrepreneur who has had his own battles with mental health is now successfully raising awareness of these issues. 14-year-old James Rimmer was diagnosed with Dysgraphia – a learning disability that affects writing abilities. Due to this, James struggled with his schoolwork and sought help from a mindset coach. During his time with his coach, they soon learned that James’s strengths were entrepreneurial. He wanted to help people that had similar struggles, or are having a difficult time, and over time developed the idea of “Home Eddie Bear”. The bear itself represents the feeling of home and helps young people to feel safe and secure no matter where they are. The name was inspired by Eddie Hall, an English professional strong man who has won the title of the World’s Strongest Man (2017). Despite his many achievements Mr Hall also had his own struggles with mental health issues and after hearing about James’s project is an avid support of the cause.

james and eddie

James sells Eddie Bear on stalls located at various hospitals in Leicester. The proceeds support the very first East Midlands One Site Children’s Hospital, which is a charity close to the family’s heart. James personally runs and manages the stalls and loves to talk to all the people he meets.

James’s charity is supported by his mother, Lisa, who has written a book called “The Lost Star”. The book is a magical story about a real girl who loves adventures! She never gives up and is not afraid to think big! She is Lily and she is about to go on an adventure of a lifetime. Proceeds from the sale of this book go back into the charity to help James reach more young people and help them in any way possible.

lost star

Mental health problems affect about 1 in 10 children and young people. Mental health covers a spectrum of issues including depression, anxiety, and conduct disorder that are often a direct response to what is happening in their lives. James has recently spoken on BBC Radio Leicester, talking about children’s anxiety. You can learn more about his journey “14 minutes” in https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p08tf45r

With the recent pandemic, James has not been able to get out in the community to sell Eddie to help young people. The charity is limited to online sales which without awareness has not helped. At EverythingBranded, we are urging people to buy their loved ones a little gift set. Pair your Home Eddie Bear along with the perfect bedtime story, “The Lost Star” to give your little ones a warm cuddle and ideas for some amazing dreams!

Recently, James has gained further recognition and is a finalist for the Leicestershire Lord Lieutenants Young Person Award in the Braveheart Category. We hope you win!

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