International Day of Charity

5th September 2018 in Charity

International Day of Charity

Every second of every day charities all over the world work tirelessly towards saving, improving, protecting and advancing peoples lives, giving hope to millions of people as well as educating them on issues and global advancements. In 2012 the United Nations decided to honour the important work these charities do by creating an annual International Day of Charity, the official day of recognition and celebration of charities. The date was deliberately chosen to fall on Mother Teresa’s birthday to embody and commemorate her selfless work by devoting her whole life to charity.

To celebrate this special day, the work of different charities all over the word is publicised and celebrated to raise awareness and encourage people to contribute through donations or volunteering. International Day of Charity serves to enhance and increase our social responsibility, solidarity and to increase the public’s support for these charitable causes.

How can I get involved?

There are numerous ways to get involved this International Day of Charity. If you don’t already have a particular charity in mind, you can always research local ones and find one specific to a cause that has meaning to you. Usually you can donate straight to them via their website, or you can organise a fundraiser such as a cake sale at work or a charity fun run in order to raise funds and awareness for the charity. Although a money donation helps support charities, volunteering your time is just as beneficially by supporting those in need.

Bodie Hodges Foundation

Last year announced their official partnership with the Bodie Hodges Foundation. Set up in 2012, the Bodie Hodges Foundation is a family run charity based in the Midlands that supports families who have been bereaved of a child of any age and promotes organ donation. EverythingBranded have shown their support through fundraising and promoting awareness of the charity, but are also proud to announce their support of Bodies’s Treasured Memory Bags through the supply of products.

Bodie’s Treasured Memory Bags











The Bodie Hodges Foundation is currently taking donations to raise money to fund a pilot study of 100 Bodie’s Treasured Memory Bags. Each bag is filled with handpicked grief resources to support siblings as they grieve for their brother or sister and ultimately, helping families grieve together.

The supplied bags will be filled with carefully selected products which explain how we grieve and to understand our feelings.

The bag will include:

  • Time out cards, which can be discreetly used in a classroom environment when feeling overwhelmed.
  • A memory journal.
  • For children under 12, a copy of The Huge Bag of worries book, as well as Worry Bear Boo to encourage sharing feelings and sticky notes to leave a message for a grown up.
  • A treasure chest to write down all your favourite memories and keep them safe and a blank journal for older children.


Each bag costs £60 and with each donation of £60 is the opportunity to put your name on the bag or send the bag in memory of a loved one.


To contribute towards towards Bodie’s Treasured Memory Bags, click here. 


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