Post-event Interview – Fun Palaces – Brockwell Lido

30th November 2016 in Charity

Post-event Interview – Fun Palaces – Brockwell Lido

Post-event Interview – Fun Palaces – Brockwell LidoFun Palaces

Over the last year, we’ve worked with some great causes, providing them with discounts and free promotional materials. One of those is Fun Palaces. We’ve planned to get in touch with some of them to see how their events went and how the goods we supplied went down. The first in the series is going to be a charity we worked with this year.

Fun Palaces is an organisation which encourages creativity and artistry in the local community. The group runs over 200 events worldwide, usually taking place in October. Here is the blog post we did on them at the time.

We had a chat with an organiser of the Brockwell Lido Fun Palace, Shelly Silas about how the event and the products went.

How did the event go?

The event, the third Brockwell Lido Fun Palace, was far better than we expected.  It was more relaxed, people knew what they were coming to and enjoyment, learning, engagement were the key words of the day.  The past two years have seen us welcome over 2000 people between 11am and 5pm.  Last year was a hard act to follow.  This year we welcomed just under 3000 people, an extraordinary achievement from us all.

How well did the promotional products go?

All fun palace volunteers and the public wore EverythingBranded silicone wristbands. We had two colours and these went down really well.

It also meant they had something to take home as a reminder. Everyone from babies to the more mature to lifeguards and staff at the Lido wore a wristband.  They were still wearing them days later.

We also had green wristbands for the volunteers, this meant that the public was easily able to identify us if there was a problem or if they had a general question.

Everyone loved wearing them, they are light, easy to slip on, none of the hassle of sticking paper bands, and more importantly for those of us who went into the pool, or were in kayaks, and there were many, it didn’t matter if the bands got wet!

In all, they were perfect for our needs.

Would you recommend using promotional products to others?

Yes, definitely. And I did. Other Fun Palaces saw our tweets during the build-up and ordered some badges and other material. I’ve also found all the people I’ve been in communication with at EverythingBranded a delight to work with.  Their commitment and trust in what Fun Palaces is doing has made a real different to us on a national level.  And for that we are grateful.

If your charity or organisation is running an event, promotional wristbands might be the perfect product for you. Start your search on our homepage or give our sales team a call on 0116 3660052.

For more information on Fun Palaces and the fantastic work they do, head to their website.