EverythingBranded goes off road for charity for the Welsh Xtrem

23rd October 2017 in Charity

EverythingBranded goes off road for charity for the Welsh Xtrem

EverythingBranded goes Xtrem for charity

EverythingBranded.co.uk is delighted to announce it has donated promotional merchandise to the 2018 Welsh Xtrem.

The Welsh Xtreme is the only multi-discipline 4X4 event in the UK that is run entirely by volunteers with 100% of the proceeds being donated to a worthy cause each year. This year the event will be supporting the Ark Cancer Centre Charity.

The Ark Cancer Centre Charity was chosen after a close friend of the Welsh Xtrem team was sadly diagnosed with a form of tongue cancer.

In a release regarding the event, Jason Morgan said: “Nick Anderson. You almost don’t need to say more, we all know who he is, and for myself and  all the Welsh Xtrem we can’t thank him enough.

“His company was the first official sponsor to back myself and help mes tart the Welsh Xtrem, Nick has also competed at and supported every event since. Above all of this Nick is our friend, he is a friend to a lot of us who are part of the event whether its staff, marshals or competitors.

“During  the  2017  event  in  March  we  found  out  that  Nick  had  been  diagnosed  with  T2  Squamos  Cell Carsonoma (Tongue Cancer). For us it is now about looking after our own.

“For those of you reading this who might never have been to an event like ours needs to understand that it’s not just an event. The Welsh Xtrem is proud to be part of a community. The off-road family we belong to is just amazing. So to be able to do something which supports such a valued member just makes 2018 all the more important to us all.

“Local to Nick and a charity he has serval links to is Ark Cancer Centre Charity and it gives me and my team great pleasure in announcing them as one of our 2018 worthy causes.”

Sales Manager at EverythingBranded, James Dean, said: “We have worked with a partner of the Welsh Xtreme over the last year and when I heard about the event and the cause they are raising funds for we thought it would be a great idea to get involved.

“We’re pleased to be in a position to donate the promotional products to a worthy cause. Working closely with charities is always rewarding and it’s fantastic to see the creative, fun and in this case, challenging ways they go about raising funds.”

For more information about the Ark Cancer Charity you can head to their website. For information about The Welsh Xtrem go to their homepage.

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