Christmas Jumper Day (15th December)

14th December 2017 in Charity

Christmas Jumper Day (15th December)

Friday, December 15 is Save the Children’s Christmas jumper day.  It’s an annual fundraising campaign in the UK organised by  Save the Children.

People across the UK are encouraged to wear a Christmas jumper and to raise funds for Save the Children charity.

The best part about Christmas jumper day is that it brings people together across different communities. Be creative and have fun by decorating your existing jumper with Christmas decorations, You might even have the skill to knit your own jumper?

The most simple and effective way of raising money for this organisation is to host at schools, colleges and business. By doing this, you’re gaining money and making everyone feel more festive.

What is UK Christmas Jumper Day?

This fundraising event is all about standing up for children all over the world. Your generous donation can save the lives of children going through illness and diseases. Your Christmas jumper could be the difference between a hot meal or no meal for a child. It can ensure education, protect and healthcare.

To participate in this annual event, you must make a minimum donation of £1. For more information and to contribute to this great cause by clicking here.

Why us? has worked with many charities across the UK, we’re pleased to have official partnerships with Bodie Hodges Foundation and Cash for Kids, which is a children’s charity ran by East Midlands commercial radio station, Gem 106. Please click here to view all our charity work.

Many charities and fundraising organisations use our promotional products to increases awareness in their cause. We have a wide selection of printable jumpers that you can fully customise with Christmas decorations. Check out EverythingBranded’s promotional products, head to the homepage here or give us a call on 0116 3660052.

Check out Save the children website to get all the latest information about Christmas Jumper day.