Bodie Hodges Foundation visits EverythingBranded’s office

4th September 2017 in Charity

Bodie Hodges Foundation visits EverythingBranded’s office

Bodie Hodges Foundation visits’s office

Charles Alexander Distribution welcomed local charity, the Bodie Hodges Foundation, to their offices for a presentation about the fantastic work the group does in the area and beyond.

Staff from EverythingBranded and Printed4 You gathered to listen to Paul Taylor discuss the charity’s past, present and future.

EverythingBranded recently announced an official charity partnership with the Bodie Hodges Foundation. The group was created after 10-month-old Bodie sadly passed away five years ago. Bodie has an organ donor and his donation saved the lives of four other babies.

The charity’s goal was to raise funds to provide a holiday home for families to use after the death of a child.

Bodie’s boathouse was opened in late-2016. The group now focuses on organ donation awareness and upkeep of the boat house. They are planning to also provide a second boat house.

Bodie Hodges sponsor and BBC Radio Leicester football commentator Ian Stringer also visited for a quick Q&A after the presentation. As well as commentating on Leicester City games, Stringer also told stories about his official top 10 hit and his time in front of Alan Sugar on The Apprentice.

Paul Taylor, from the charity, said: ““We are always looking at how we can raise the profile of the Bodie Hodges Foundation and the work we do around supporting families bereaved of a child and raising the awareness of organ donation.

“It was great to be given the opportunity to talk to the staff at Everything Branded and we really hope that this is just the start of a successful partnership for everybody involved.”

For more information about the Bodie Hodges Foundation, please head to their website. They have year-round fundraising efforts and are encouraging everyone to get involved. The foundation are currently doing the Great North Challenge. The challenge will see them cycle, run and walk 311 miles from August 30 to September 10. To keep up to date on their progress, follow their twitter account here.

For more information about organ donation and the good it does, please head to the NHS’s organ donation website.

Check out EverythingBranded’s website for promotional products you can use to raise awareness for your cause.