Bodie Hodges Foundation looking for votes for funding

1st November 2017 in Charity

Bodie Hodges Foundation looking for votes for funding

Bodie Hodges Foundation looking for votes for Aviva funding

Our friends at the Bodie Hodges Foundation are looking for votes to help fund their Organ Donation Education Programme.

The charity is looking for help through the Aviva Community Fund. The scheme offers a chance for fantastic community causes to get funding. It’s open to everyone. If the cause gets enough votes from friends, family and supporters, the project could be entered in the finals, where a judging panel will award the funds.

Bodie Hodges Foundation’s aim is to educate young people and help them develop a better understanding of organ donation and the importance of the organ donation register. Only 31% of people are signed up to the organ donor register and there are currently over 6000 people waiting for a transplant.

Most people would accept an organ if they needed one, even people who are currently not on the register.

The Bodie Hodges Foundation would like to run an organ donation education programme that takes place in schools as part of their PSHE lessons. The aim of the programme is to explore what it means to be an organ donor and the importance of signing up to the register.

The group also supports a soft opt out system to everyone over the age of 18.

Each person who signs up has 10 votes to give out to their chosen charities. The foundation believes it needs between 4000 and 5000 to quality for the next round.

To vote for the charity please head to the Aviva website here.

Bodie Hodges died aged 10 months and went on to become an organ donor. His gift saved the lives of four other children.

It’s a cause the charity and everyone here at really believe it. We encourage everyone to give even just a couple of votes to this cause.

For more information on the organ donation register and how to sign up, please head to the NHS website here. To check out EverythingBranded’s charity work head to our charity blog page.