Your Trade Show Marketing Checklist ✓

19th October 2018 in Branding Advice | Top Tips | Trade Shows

Your Trade Show Marketing Checklist ✓

The final countdown to your trade show is on and you’re feeling prepared. Your booth is designed, giveaways purchased, staff trained and your pitch perfected. All major tasks are completed. You’re all ready to go, right? Wrong!

The less visible side of trade show preparation can often get lost within all the action and planning put into the physical side. By creating a trade show marketing checklist, you can condense all your marketing prep into one easily accessible place, and make sure nothing gets forgotten.

Get ahead of the game with our trade show preparation checklist!

Your Trade Show Marketing Checklist ✓


Build hype and make connections via social media. Announce your presence and connect with potential customers over company social media platforms. Create your own official hashtag for the trade show and make sure to use it during the build up to the main event to encourage customer interaction during the trade show! If they know the hashtag they will connect with you by using it.

Contact and Connect

Including this checkpoint on your trade show preparation checklist is vital for a successful trade show. Plan ahead by setting up appointments with key clients and customers. This ensures you get a dedicated time slot, and that they won’t have to wait on you at the show.

Update Everything

Make sure your LinkedIn, website, catalogues- basically everything that is connected to your company is up to date. Encourage all your colleagues to do the same. By taking part in a trade show you are drawing attention to yourself and business. You will encounter a flurry of interaction during and afterwards, so make sure there is no room for mistakes. Remind  attending staff of the importance of their own social media privacy, clients can easily google their names and come across their personal information. have over 10,000 different promotional products that can be personalised to your business.

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