Winter promotional products – products for the chillier months

8th November 2017 in Branding Advice

Winter promotional products – products for the chillier months

Winter promotional products – The perfect products for the chillier months

The first time you have to de-ice your car after the summer is a fairly sad experience. The frost arrives without much of a warning and you probably didn’t factor in the scraping into your morning routine… so you’re late for work.

The clocks have gone back too, so your rushed drive to work might be the only bit of sunlight you see all day. Anyway, that’s the negatives about as winter gets. On the more positive side there are some fantastic opportunities to market your brand towards this chilly – but beautiful – time of year.

Keeping safe with promotional products

Everyone here at is (obviously) keen on the good that promotional products can do. We’ve touched on the first promotional product we’re going to look at is the personalised ice scraper.

The ice scrapers we have come in a wide variety of shapes, colours and sizes. Ice scrapers are one of those products that everyone seems to own but no one really knows where they got theirs from. Change that and keep your brand in your customers’ mind with these practical promotional products.

Keeping warm with winter promotional products

Printed clothing is an area we’re proud to be putting a considerable amount of effort in to, and that effort from everyone in our team extends to warm gloves and hats.

We have printed bobbles and beanies. We have personalised mittens, fingerless gloves and smart gloves. All perfect for a wintry walk or the cold commute to walk.

Thermal Flasks

We could’ve put this in the keeping warm category, but we feel that thermal flasks probably deserve their own category. Travel mugs and thermal flasks are one of the most popular promotional products we have. They’re perfect for the morning commute and they’re not promotional product that will end up tucked away in a desk drawer or at the bottom of a bin.

There are plenty more promotional products perfect for this time of year, but these three are definitely worth a consideration when you’re planning your next marketing campaign.

For more information on the products, please chat to our experienced sales team on 0116 3660052. You can also start your search for promotional products on our homepage.