Why festival season could be great for your brand

27th June 2019 in Branding Advice | Green

Why festival season could be great for your brand


The summer is finally here (and so is the weather, for now at least) and that means so is festival season! Glastonbury, the UK’s biggest and most famous festival, is on right now, but there are plenty more to come over the next few months. Love them, hate them or couldn’t care less about them, everywhere you turn you’ll see pictures of wellie-wearing, up-for-it crowds drinking warm beer and going crazy.

Over the past decade, music festivals have reached a global fever pitch of popularity, none more so than in the UK, and every summer brings a new crop of summer music festivals to join the long-established events. In 2017, a massive four million people attended festivals in the UK alone, while many more travelled abroad to take in one of the thousands all over the world.

With those kind of numbers, the chances are there’ll be a lot of your customers who are attending a festival this summer. And if they are, wouldn’t it be great to give them something that’s useful, that they’ll thank you for, and that will get your brand seen by thousands and thousands of people? Let EverythingBranded give you some suggestions…

Eco Products
More and more festivals are becoming increasingly eco-friendly – for example, at this year’s Glastonbury, they’ve banned the sale of single use plastics. And in 2017, Glastonbury recycled over 60 tonnes of paper and card, 32 tonnes of glass, 45 tonnes of cans, 40 tonnes of plastic bottles and turned 4,500 litres of cooking oil into biofuel. Why not treat your customers, and do your bit for the environment, by buying from our eco-friendly range?

Water Bottles
Festival goers are prone to dehydration with all the dancing and drinking, especially when the weather’s good. And with people being encouraged to move away from single use plastics, water bottles are perfect. They’re useful, cheap, visible and can get your brand across perfectly.

Power Banks
In a recent survey by Festival Insights and the UK Festival Awards in 2017, nearly a quarter of people said their phone was dead for at least 40 per cent of the time they were at a festival. Summer Of Love? They’d love you if gave them a branded power bank, which have come a long way since they were first introduced and are now inexpensive and have enough printing area to get your branding seen.

Beer Coolers
A massive 62.8 per cent of festival goers spent at least £10 per day on alcohol. Think of all that warm beer. A branded can cooler would go down a treat! They’re cheap, and can be printed all the way round with your logo or message.

Drawstring Backpacks
Create your own walking billboard with these useful festival giveaways! Give festival goers the ultimate giveaway. Drawstring backpacks are practical and very useful, and they give your brand great visibility. Some of the best materials for these backpacks are the eco-friendly cotton and canvas.