Promotional bags – the best products for your marketing campaign

20th October 2016 in Branding Advice

Promotional bags – the best products for your marketing campaign

Promotional bags – what’s on offer?
a selection of promotional bags

Promotional bags are far and away the biggest promotional product in the UK. Having over 14% of the market share of overall spend, over 5% more than the second-place promotional pens and pencils. Branded bags are a key item in the promotional products industry.

It can be a difficult task picking the right promotional bag for your marketing or fund raising drive. We’ll have a quick look through some of the most popular bags we have available.

Promotional shopping bags

Printed shopping bags are our most popular product category. The most popular product in our most popular category is the promotional cotton shopper.

Printed cotton bags are ideal for any trade show due to their size, price and quality. The natural colour of the bags makes for a fantastic backdrop to any artwork too.

As well as the print differences, we also offer short and long handle versions in several thickness sizes.

Promotional drawstring bags

The traditionally designed drawstring bags are a popular product which can be used in a number of our categories. These bags are perfect for shopping, travel and sporting events.

The versatile bags are available in a wide range of colours which allows you to match your artwork to the colour you want. If you want to see how your design would look on these products, our skilled artwork team will be more than happy to produce a free visual for you.

Promotional jute bags

There is an array of products in the promotional jute bag section but we believe these bags with coloured gussets set themselves out from the crowd.

In addition to being available in several stunning colours, the jute material is eco-friendly so these products are both cost and carbon cutting promotional items.

Promotional paper bags 

The final bag we are going to look at is the promotional paper bag. Ideal for trade shows and exhibitions for their ability to fold up and be stored nearly, the paper bag is a cheap way to market yourself on a stylish product.

These bags are suitable as either a gift bag with other promotional products in, a shopping bag or a free hand out on their own. Available in a number of colours, your print will stand out from the crowd on these products.

If you are looking for promotional bags which haven’t appeared on this list, head to our homepage and begin your search there.