Successful Branding Secrets for Conferences

20th March 2015 in Branding Advice

Successful Branding Secrets for Conferences

What are the Most Successful Conference Promotional Products? Annual Industry Conferences can be very dull events and if they last more than a day, they can be even worse. So here are the five most successful branding secrets for conferences – and how to use them to best effect. These branded giveaways are the secret promotional weapons of every good conference. Find out what they are here: 


Don’t print Handouts

Save yourself all the printing costs of handouts, transcripts and presentation notes and use that money to buy every delegate a USB Memory Stick branded with all your organisation’s details. Upload all the presentations onto each stick and then hand them out at the final Plenary. Make sure you have a sign that tells delegates that they don’t need to make notes all day, as all the materials will be given to them at the end. This will also make sure that no one slips away after lunch, as they will be forced to stay to the end to get the notes.

This guarantees that every delegate goes home with your company details in their pocket, saves trees, and saves huge printing costs.

Branded Conference Folders

If there are handouts and various literature from each speaker, make sure that you provide a branded folder that is big enough to collect everyone else’s information as well. No one likes a stack of loose papers, so your ‘handy’ folder will end up being used to collect everything for the day, and will be taken back to the office to be stored – very usefully – already in a dedicated folder. When they need to look at it later, it’s your company name that appears right on the top.

Make sure that all your contact details are printed on, you never know who will end up reading it and they may not have attended the original Conference.

Grab Bags are Essential

For any two or three day Conferences, delegates will need to carry around their mobile phones, note books, handouts, a bottle of water, iPad or tablet, business cards and wallet or purse. Not to mention a make-up bag and umbrella to go from building to building. So a branded drawstring or cotton bag is a godsend to delegates for them to carry around everything they need from presentation to presentation. They will always be taken home afterwards or kept in the car or briefcase for emergencies, and you just never know who will see it after the event.

You can also slip your brochure and leaflet into each bag and get a free leaflet drop to everyone at the same time

Water Bottle Winners

If delegates want to take their coffee or a glass of water into the conference with them, it becomes difficult to carry and to keep somewhere under a chair without it spilling, so a screw top sports bottle or water bottle is a perfect way for delegates to be able to take whatever their drink in with them, sealed and non-spill in their drawstring bag…

These will be taken home and used on the train every day, so make sure your company details are printed all the way around.

Lanyards for Name Badges.

No one wants to stick a pin through their best shirt, dress or suit jacket, so handing out branded lanyards to everyone gives people an opportunity to wear their name badges without damaging their clothes, and is certainly better than hoping that everyone takes one of your leaflets or business cards.

Particularly good for University seminars, Festivals and events where people will be going on and off site during the event, overnight or between talks.

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