Successful brand marketing in three easy steps

26th May 2017 in Branding Advice

Successful brand marketing in three easy steps

Brand marketing with EverythingBranded

Brand marketing can be confusing and difficult no matter what line of business you work in. The key to getting customers is good marketing. So how can you go about getting your brand out there? Commercials and billboards may be your first thought, but these are very expensive and can be quickly forgotten. Here at EverythingBranded we have the perfect solution to efficiently and cost effectively promote your brand. Promotional products. These are great tangible items to boost your brand exposure by getting your logo into clients hands. To really make an impact on clients the promotional product should be useful to them, ensuring consistent brand exposure throughout the year. Read on to find three tips for finding the perfect promotional product for your clients.

Brand a set of promotional products

When it comes to picking out the best promotional product, don’t go in with the mindset of just one promotional product. The more diverse your promotional products the better. Each promotional product has various uses, for example a coaster or mug would be used in a static setting, whereas a keyring would travel wherever the client went. Each of these options offers multiple impressions for a fraction of the cost of a conventional advert. So, if your budget is £260 consider purchasing a mixture of 250 coasters at £120 and 250 keyrings  at £135. Hand these out together at conventions or exhibitions to promote your brand on the go and at clients work.

Brand useful products to your demographic

Going for a more direct form of marketing? Try to get promotional products that fit in with your clients need. We have promotional keyrings that come custom shaped, which are perfect for any business aiming at a particular demographic. We also brand industry specific promotional products, such as our promotional silicone nurse watches, ideal for exposing your branding to medical students and others in the medical field.

Take advantage of a ‘craze’

promotional products are great for giveaways, what’s even better is branding a craze to exponentially promote your brand so long as the craze exists. Right now a ‘craze’ is promotional fidget spinners. These fidget spinners offer clients an outlet for fidgeting habits, and can ease stress. we have a range of these hottest toys of 2017 available in various colours to suit your company’s branding. Don’t miss out on the craze sweeping the world, call us today on 0116 366 0052 for all enquiries.