Successfully marketing to students

15th May 2017 in Branding Advice

Successfully marketing to students

Promotional products are a necessity for any company serious about brand awareness. Nowadays branding any old product is not enough. Your company needs to brand products that are relevant to your target audience. So, if you are preparing your brand for marketing at the next freshers’ fair but not sure how to stand out from the crowd, then read on to ensure you do not spend money and time on products that students do not want or need. We will be guiding you through some of the best received promotional products on offer, to keep your brand in the minds of students.

How does branding products help my company?

Branding promotes recognition of your company and builds credibility and trust with clients. So, how does branding a product help compared to conventional advertising routes, such as TV, radio, or billboards? Promotional products are less expensive per impression and have a longer life use due to their practicality. Promotional products with branding are seen constantly by multiple potential clients when used, as well as the user. This pushes brand exposure through the roof compared to an expensive commercial that will be quickly forgotten.

Leaving your client with a promotional product is key to getting business. If you do not give clients promotional products then you have potentially wasted ten minutes of your time talking to a potential client that could easily forget your brand when in need of your services. Giving potential clients something tangible with your brand on will aid in brand recall, and help clients refer friends to your services.

What products do we have on offer for students and why they are useful

To successfully market a brand, a definitive understanding of the target market is needed. Students do a lot of studying, their three main priorities are writing essays / taking notes, planning, and having fun. So, we have picked out some of our favourite promotional products that cater to these needs. Check out our promotional Frisbee, and beach balls. Perfect for passing to students during a freshers’ fair. A promotional Frisbee, for example, will be instinctively picked up and thrown again, promoting brand exposure every time the promotional Frisbee or beach balls are passed between students.

Focusing on the academic side of our promotional products, we also offer promotional diaries, notebooks, and USB flash drives. These are great practical promotional products to use as giveaways. The need for students to take notes, write essays, and keep work backed up, means these promotional products will be used throughout the academic year. Expose branding daily with the promotional credit card USB, perfect to fit in students wallets. ensuring constant brand exposure on a daily basis to students and their peers when at lessons. Browse the rest of our promotional products for marketing to students in our freshers’ section.

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