Top tips for school fundraising with wristbands

4th June 2016 in Branding Advice

Top tips for school fundraising with wristbands

education-548105_640Looking for a bit of help with school fundraising?

Are you a member of the Parent Teacher Association in your kids’ school and looking for ways to fundraise that are quick, easy and profitable?

Sponsored Events

We all know that the sponsored swims and sponsored walks just don’t work anymore. Kids find it difficult to ask relatives to give money, and quite often, they don’t see their Aunts and Uncles very often; perhaps at Christmas and family events.

It is now not possible for children to go house to house with their sponsor forms because of child safety issues, and then trying to
collect in the money after the event is becoming an impossible task.

Craft Fairs

Many Schools hold a summer fair and a Christmas Fair, and these will usually bring between £350 and £1,000 to the funds. The UK average is around £850. But these take a whole term to organise, getting bits and bobs to sell takes lots of school letters home, and needs places to store boxes of junk, toys and books before the big day.

It’s a battle to rope in enough help to man stalls, make coffees and bring in homemade cakes, and takes time to set up and clean up after wards. We won’t even mention what you do with all the leftover junk that doesn’t get sold…

Car Boot Sales

Car boot sales sound like an easy option, charging £10 per car for people to bring their own goods to sell – and take it home again afterwards. All you need to do is run a café for coffees and teas and bacon rolls, which will always return a big profit.

But there are some very difficult rules about car boot sales. Every local council has its own licensing arrangements that you will need to comply with. There will be a one-off license charge for you to be allowed to hold this event which could be as much as £500 for the day, so if you have 50 cars, the entrance fee will all disappear to the council.figured-silicone-wristbands-17155

Your profit will be on every car after the first 50, so that means a lot of advertising, in the local blurbs, posters in supermarkets, Facebook, school website, school letters home and anywhere else you can think of.

So what can you do in school that is safe, easy and foolproof?

You need something that you can ‘sell’ to as many children in the school as possible, that will bring in a high return of profit for your expenditure.

Sell Promotional Wristbands

  • Cheap to buy, starting at just 13p each so selling at £1 will give you 87p profit on every one
  • Kids love them, so if you get the design right, they will all want to wear one
  • Easy to store, they will easily fit into a small cupboard storage space
  • Silicone wristbands are easy to transport, no heavy boxes to carry
  • Ask parents to take them into their offices to sell some to work colleagues
  • Take some into the local shops and ask if you can put a small box of them on the counter for their customers to buy

Why not have a look around our website, we have hundreds of different branded wristband designs and one will be just perfect for your school fundraising.

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