How promotional workwear can help your business

2nd May 2017 in Branding Advice

How promotional workwear can help your business

Many office and sales based businesses up and down the UK have one thing in common. Their employees wear company standardised uniform. This blog will address three ways promotional workwear can benefit your company, and the various promotional workwear we offer.

Promotional workwear and your customers

In all walks of sales work, simplicity and streamlining is key to generating profits. A customer who walks into a shoe shop, for example, will be more inclined to speak with a sales representative in uniform than one without. This is a form of streamlining. The customer immediately knows who to speak to regarding their enquiry because the employee is in branded workwear.

Promotional workwear is also a great way to inform customers of employees job roles. Different coloured uniforms can differentiate between a general sales assistant, specialist sales assistant, and assistant manager.

Stop discrimination amongst employees

Promotional workwear isn’t just for the customers. They have a profound impact on employees as well. If your company has no uniform, and is struggling with bullying or discrimination between staff, then promotional, standardised uniforms could be a way to deter these issues. Promotional workwear helps to unify employees and how they present themselves to customers and each other. Regardless of financial background of your employees, these promotional workwear products will ensure everyone looks professional.

Promote your business

Skipping out on giving your employees promotional uniforms can be a real missed opportunity in promoting your business to clients in and out of the office or sales shop. Employees always travel to work in some form, whether it’s by bus, car, or walking. So, why not promote your business at the same time? Branding uniforms will make employees into mobile advertisements and ensure business exposure to many potential clients.

How we can help

We have various promotional workwear for you to choose from, so we’re sure you’ll find something to suit your branding needs. If your company specialises in sales then check out our personalised Gildan heavyweight mens t-shirts or Gildan jersey polo shirts. These promotional tops are available in a wide range of colours to suit your company branding and have large printing areas on the front and back.

If your employees work outside, such as surveying, or in a gardening centre, then take a look at our promotional set quarter zip pullovers. These will keep your employees warm and promote your business at the same time.

Get in touch

Looking to implement or update promotional workwear for your employees? Then get in touch with us now on 0116 366 0052. We will be happy to streamline you from start to finish through our branding process. We have an in-house design team that will ensure quick turn around of your designs on our promotional workwear.