Promotional wooden products – a new trend

18th April 2017 in Branding Advice

Promotional wooden products – a new trend

Promotional wooden products – a new trend

There has been a considerable influx of wooden items where plastic, ceramic or metal is the usually norm. We’ve all been sat in a restaurant and the meal arrives on a wooden serving board instead of a plate. Whether or not you would prefer a plate, wooden products are in right now, so why not market this trend?

At we have a fantastic range of promotional wooden products. We’ll look at some products which are can be made with another material but we offer in a stunning wooden finish.

Wooden USBs

The first product we’ll look are some stylish wooden USB FlashDrives. Promotional wooden USBs are often environmentally friendly which offers a different spin on them compared to the standard USBs we offer. Talking about spin, the pictured capsule shaped USBs smoothly rotate around for easy access.

The wood on this particular product is FSC certified so you know the wood has come from responsibly managed forests. We don’t just offer this product, click here to head to the rest of our promotional wooden USBs.

Sustainable yo-yos

These products are for the young and young-at-heart. The promotional yo-yos are made from sustainable timber so they are also an eco-friendly choice to market your brand with. The products may not be suitable for children under 3-years-old but they are a fantastic way to market to potential customers with children older than three.

These sustainable yo-yos are a great price for the quality of the product. They also have a good print area to take advantage of and can be printed on in three colours. Why not request a visual from our skilled artwork team so you can see just how your artwork will look on these wooden promotional products?

Bamboo serving boards

We touched on restaurants serving meals on wooden boards instead of plates, but we have a beautiful bamboo serving board we can source from one of our key suppliers. The boards include an executive looking engraving on the handle of the wooden board. The locations of the product’s print areas are in the perfect places to market your brand with.

The board is topped with a layer of vegetarian soybean oil. This not only gives a stylish finish but also protects the bamboo from harm.

To ask about the other options we have when it comes to promotional wooden products, you can give us a call on 0116 3660052. You can also begin your search for promotional products on our homepage.