How to use promotional t-shirts in your campaign

1st July 2017 in Branding Advice

How to use promotional t-shirts in your campaign

Using promotional t-shirts in your marketing campaign or advertising drive

Promotional t-shirts are a great way to market your brand. They can be used as large-scale marketing props or at the centre of a smaller, more focused advertisement drive. We take a look at some ways your brand can use promotional t-shirts to get the most out of the popular printed product.

Printed clothing as staff uniforms

Staff uniforms are one of the most common uses of promotional clothing. From printed polo shirts for office and workshop works to custom aprons to chefs, cooks and waiting staff. Logoed printed products can be the great way to show off your brand on the move.

The old and the new: Social media

Mixing the new and old can be a fantastic combination. Giving promotional products away as part of a social media contest is a great way raise awareness and interest in your brand. Just make sure the promotional t-shirt is good quality and well designed so it’s a sought-after prize.

Promotional t-shirts as gifts

Sending printed t-shirts as gifts can be a great way to thank your top clients or woo the businesses you’re looking to partner with. As with the social media gifts, make sure the products are an appropriate quality and a good design.

Giving away branding t-shirts

Promotional t-shirts can also be the perfect giveaway at tradeshows, events and exhibitions. Get your design printed on them and put them in one of our promotional cotton shopper bags and hand them out to prospective clients. The bag and t-shirt combination is a cost-effective and marketing-effective way of marketing your organisation.

Using promotional t-shirts as an incentive

Printed t-shirts can also be used as an incentive to sign up to newsletters or charity drives. We know that it’s not easy to get people to see all your marketing memorabilia, so a promotional t-shirt can go a long way to make paper a more viable form of marketing.

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