Sports bags – everything you need to know

6th February 2017 in Branding Advice

Sports bags – everything you need to know

Promotional sports bags are a fantastic way to get your brand seen by the right demographic, in and out of the gym. They must be light but also tough at the same time, able to accommodate everything imaginable from spare clothes, towels, toiletries, trainers, equipment and drinks.

What kind of Sports bags do we offer?

Here at we offer two categories of sports bags; Holdalls and Drawstrings.

Holdallssports bag

These are large bags that can fit virtually everything a gym goer would need on a daily basis. They’re very durable because their main material is Polyester, ensuring resistance to most chemicals, stretching, shrinking and mildew. We offer branding on Holdalls with large ventilated side pockets for shoes or damp garments, a tech trap organiser, side zipped accessory pockets and padded, detachable and adjustable shoulder straps. Prices range from £3.31 for our basic model, up to £35.24 for our premium model.

Drawstrings offer several versions that use a drawstring. This is defined as a material threaded through a casing to cinch or close something. These are sailor bag, sling and double sling designs. We use various materials such as Polypropylene, Polyester and Nylon, and some of the designs are reflective for night use. The bags offer enough space for a towel, shoes and a change of clothes. Prices start from £0.76 for our basic model, up to £6.48 for our premium model.

Why invest your brand?

Sports bags are used regularly in specific environments, meaning your brand will be seen by the right consumers on a daily basis. This will encourage the consumer to think of your brand when shopping for sports goods. Finally, the sports bags, most of all, offer large surfaces for printing logos on and are diverse in their uses. has 140+ variations of sports bags. Buy now or call one of our sales representatives on 0116 366 0052.