On the move with promotional branded rucksacks and children’s backpacks

10th March 2017 in Branding Advice | Promotions

On the move with promotional branded rucksacks and children’s backpacks

Promotional Rucksacks and Children’s Backpacks

Promotional rucksacks and children’s backpacks are fantastic for promoting start up businesses, or established businesses looking for more ways to get their brand into the public eye.

Marketing can be tricky and expensive. However, a cheap alternative to ad-space comes in the form of rucksacks and children’s backpacks.

Nothing prompts exposure more than practicality. Rucksacks and children’s backpacks offer convenience and are used to protect and transport users valuables conveniently and safely in a variety of settings; such as schools, trains, subways and work environments.


Rucksacks are larger and more durable than backpacks. They are equipped with compartments for laptops or stationery. Designed for users on the go, ideal for sales reps, cyclists and college students.

Children’s backpacks

Children’s backpacks are smaller and generally weigh less. They come in various designs, some have two straps, others have single straps, or just hand holds. Some contain various compartments for pens, books and laptops, others are simply for papers or books.

Why branded rucksacks/backpacks?

Branded rucksacks and backpacks allow for efficient mobile marketing because they suit all walks of life. They make great gifts and due to their practicality, they will likely be used whilst commuting and at schools.

Schools have always been a place of mobility, moving from one class to the next. As a result, in this short transition, hundreds of students come into contact with each other, and so will your brand.

The same premise can be applied to rucksacks, which are designed to be tougher, larger, and used on the go in busy or rough environments.  Sales reps and cyclists travel all over cities, exposing branded rucksacks wherever they go to thousands of potential clients at ground level on the streets, in shops and on trains. This kind of exposure would cost a fortune by conventional means such as billboards, TV adverts or radio.

What we offer

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