The power of promotional pens v business cards

9th August 2016 in Branding Advice

The power of promotional pens v business cards

The power of promotional pens v business cards

What really offers the best ROI? Pen or paper? Pen manufacturers and printers have long debated this! We take a look at what we believe would be best for you and your organisation.

And here’s why we believe promotional pens offer you a better return on your investment.

Take two scenarios – in your workplace or out and about.

promotional pens in pot

You can easily have a bunch of printed pens in your pocket, your briefcase or bag – or have pen pots in reception and on desks for visitors. Likewise a stack of business cards are as easy to accommodate whether you are in or out of the workplace.

So it is not the handing over or presenting of your branded pen or the business card that is the crux of the matter – but it is the future of it. Where will it end up? What will become of the product with your name on it?

Now it is not easy to offer genuine research on this matter. We can look around our home and office and find umpteen pens, we use a pen every day.

The power of the pen and the branding on it is subconsciously viewed regularly. Now when it comes to finding that bit of card with someone’s number on it that can be a different matter!

People actually use your promotional pen; it must have a stronger brand building awareness than a card which serves no purpose other than to inform.

The business card does have its place in the promotional product market and that’s something we will look in a future post.

Just how will your promotional pen will compete with the other pens out there?

Will your customers want to be seen using your printed pen – be associated with your brand. What does it say about your customers’ businesses if they are seen with your pen?

Is it the right tool for the job? A pencil for craftsmen? A permanent ink pen for legal documents? A comfortable ergonomically designed pen for delegates who need to take copious notes during the conference – and then have your name and number to hand when they are back at their own workplace.

We truly believe that promotional pens really offer a superb ROI when it comes to brand awareness and spreading your corporate message. We also know that with our experience and expertise in the branding marketplace that we can help you pick the right pen for the job, create the best visuals to maximise impact and ultimately see your business grow.

Give it a try. Let us know the results. Contact us to start your next personalised pens order today. You can also click here and head straight to our promotional pens section to get your search underway.