Promotional Pencils – Viable alternative to pens?

30th August 2017 in Branding Advice

Promotional Pencils – Viable alternative to pens?

Promotional pencils

It’s one of the early writing tools of our times and often in our own lives what we first use when we learn to write, that is why a pencil is still regarded as a key implement today.

Of course, it has evolved over the centuries and now you can choose from wooden or metal, traditional or mechanical, coloured, multi-coloured or eco-friendly ones. There are hexagonal, round or triangular branded pencils in a multitude of colours and lead types. Then decide of you want it with or without an eraser.

They are an indispensable tool for tradespeople, artists and crafts lovers – a fundamental implement for people in education and much loved by millions of hotel residents and conference delegates. And then the pencil is pocketed, popped in suitcase or handbag and it’s off on its travels, spreading your message and brand ever further afield. Promotional pencils are the original note taker. A great corporate gift, business giveaway or branded souvenir.

Quality colour printing and speedy delivery make promotional pencils a great choice in your marketing merchandising. They are low cost yet high impact and result in immediate ROI.

Here are some of our top picks. The links will send you to our sister site, PromotionalPensWorld, so don’t be alarmed at the change!

Spectrum Pencil

These wooden pencils have an eraser at the end and are a popular choice as a low cost gift and promotional pencil. There are eight colours to choose from and options for single or multi-coloured printing.

Standard WE pencils

These quality printed pencils have a high gloss finish and are fitted with silver ferrules and pink erasers. Take advantage of our three-day express service for single colour printing if you want your promotional pencils in a hurry.

FSC Wooden pencils

Available in eight colours these FSC certified wooden promotional pencils are environmentally friendly and help save our forests.

Contour Argent Pencil

From a brand you can trust comes this quality mechanical pencil featuring a large print area on the silver barrel and coloured grip for the user’s comfort.

Futura Mechanical Pencil

Combining high quality and low cost, the Futura branded pencils are a popular choice. The pencil barrels are available in solid or translucent colours and finished off with satin chrome trims.

Click here to see the full range of promotional pencils.

Pencils are dispatched unsharpened. We offer a sharpening service at a small extra cost.

A bit of trivia:

Roald Dahl only used pencils with yellow casing to write his books. He had six sharpened pencils ready at the beginning of each day and only when all six were worn down did he re-sharpen.

John Steinbeck is said to have used 60 pencils a day (300 pencils for his novel East of Eden)

Johnny Carson had specially-made pencils with erasers at both ends to avoid on-set accidents on the Tonight Show as he liked to ‘fiddle’ with a pencil during the broadcast.

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