Marketing with promotional metal pens

8th March 2017 in Branding Advice | Printing Processes | Unique promotional products

Marketing with promotional metal pens

Metal promotional pens – market to your clients with every word

Promotional pens are a staple of any serious business looking to market themselves in a cost effective and practical manner. At we brand a huge array of classic giveaway plastic pens that start from just 8p, but in this blog we’ll be focusing on our promotional metal pens range. These promotional metal pens sell for as little as 33p, all the way up to our corporate range, which reach as high as an eye-watering £92.59.

How can promotional metal pens supplement your business growth?

Look around your office right now… done? How many pens did you see? More than ten? Maybe 20? Here at we’re looking at our desk right now and count five. Just on one small desk. Now imagine your brand is on them. That’s five times a brand has been seen by an individual in a few seconds.

Across offices worldwide and over the course of a full working day (average 8 hours), there are millions of times potential clients are picking up a pen to write something down, such as a date, memo or minutes. That’s millions of times a brand can be seen by clients using promotional pens. This exposure also extends to clients’ peers.

We have an extensive range of promotional metal pens, allowing you complete freedom when deciding which of our branded metal pens is right for your needs. So, what kind of promotional metal pens do we offer?

Metal style and metal effect pens

Promotional metal style and metal effect pens aren’t simply a platform to promote your brand and contact details on. They’re so much more. By branding and distributing our high quality metal style and metal effect pens you’re demonstrating to clients that you value them. Though budget plastic pens do the job of showing off your brand, metal promotional pens are robust and have an air of sophistication that make them more valuable to the clients.

This means your brand will be kept with clients for every occasion and outlast many throwaway budget pens. Offsetting the initial outlay on a promotional metal style and metal effect pen. Promotional metal style and metal effect pens can be professionally engraved as well as printed, adding to the classy look and feeling of value to the client. Our engraved metal style and metal effect pens don’t have to break the bank and come as cheap as 66p!


Some of our promotional metal style and metal effect pens also feature a stylus; a nib used to interact with a computing device, such as a tablet, phone or computer screen. Branding promotional stylus pens effectively doubles marketability to clients. Traditional pen users and computer / phone based users will benefit greatly from the branded stylus pens multi-functionality. The added convenience of either option in one pen ensures the branded metal style or metal effect pen will be picked up over a pen and separate stylus.


Promotional corporate pens start from as little as 66p for a stylish, refillable, black ink, Bamboo push button ballpoint pen. The top end heads all the way up to our high-end executive corporate promotional pens, which peak at £92.59. The high price tag accompanies an exquisite ballpoint pen with an 18 carat, solid gold rhodium-plated nib and silver or gold plated trim. Corporate pens are ideal as gifts for hard working or retiring employees. All promotional corporate pens are printed with your brand, as well as some sentimental parting words if needed.

Branded packaging

Go a step further as a thank you for your top recurring clients, new clients or employees with our branded packaging. Our large range of styles ensures you’ll be spoilt for choice and our promotional packaging starts from as little as 10p for a pen pouch, up to £7.95 for a silver & chrome pen presentation case, ideal to couple with one of our promotional corporate pens.

Interested in what you’ve read about our stylish promotional metal pens? Call us on 0116 366 0052 to speak with one of our friendly advisers. They’ll be happy to help with all enquiries, including quotes and all stages of the branding process.

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