Show your mettle – why promotional metal pens are good for business

17th August 2016 in Branding Advice

Show your mettle – why promotional metal pens are good for business

Show your mettle – why promotional metal pens are good for business

Nine times out of ten, decisions are made based on budgets. You need 5,000 branded pens for an event or campaign and the finance department has set your monetary constraints.
You may think that you can only look at plastic pens. But that is not so. We have good quality, well-priced metal promotional pens too.

Many feel a metal branded pen has a more authoritative air, is more classic and classy. A metal printed pen can be a spromotional metal pensound choice economically too – they are less expensive than you may first think.

Affordable luxury. Now that’s a great combination when it comes to your next merchandising activity. Your customers will be impressed with the look and feel of your personalised metal pen in their hand.

Print options on promotional metal pens also include engraving – so your corporate message is long-lasting.

We take a look at some of the best sellers in our promotional metal pens range

Senator New Spring Metal Clear Promotional Pens

These stylish pens are award winners when it comes to design and are a brilliant pen to choose to reinforce your brand. They combine the quality of a large metal printable clip with a great range of translucent coloured barrels. They benefit from the patented spring push up cap. A class act which will be a hit with your customers.

Contour I-Metal Multifunction Promotional Pen

This really is an all singing, all dancing branded pen waiting for you to personalise it with your business ID.

This stylish aluminium pen combines a rubber grip for comfort – a retractable ball pen at one end and a capacitive stylus at the other. It has twice the appeal of a traditional pen and accommodates the needs of tablet and smartphone users as well as traditional pen and paper writers. A high quality printed metal pen for today’s digital age.

Senator Point Metal Promotional Ballpen

The Senator brand is one you can trust in the promotional pens world. It’s a classic styled metal ballpoint which is a go to pen for men and women. It has a high quality feel and finish and offers ample print space for your business message. A superb gift or giveaway for all your customers.

Delgado Metallic Promotional Ballpen

One of our best selling metal branded pens is the Delgado push cap ballpoint pen. Also available as a rollerball. These premium pens have a high class stainless steel finish. A perfect fit for every discerning writer. A printed pen like this reinforces your own brand’s high quality credentials and image. A top seller.