Promotional Keyrings – Not Just For Holding Keys

7th April 2017 in Branding Advice | Printing Processes

Promotional Keyrings  – Not Just For Holding Keys

Marketing your brand can be a difficult and expensive task. A cost effective idea is to have a versatile promotional product that can be used at multiple functions and appeal to many clients. We have plenty of promotional keyrings to choose from, which are practical and suitable for any event.

Below we have listed some of our favourites, with links to the corresponding products.

Bottle opener keyring

When it comes to promotional practical keyrings, we think of our promotional bottle openers. These promotional keyrings are ideal for brand exposure, especially when attending fresher’s fairs or company exhibitions. Our wide range of promotional bottle openers include compact sized bartender and crown styles. They have large print areas, offering clear and effective brand exposure.

Cable organiser keyrings

Ever listened to music with earphones and delicately put them away in a drawer or pocket? Then you’ll know all too well the annoyance when getting the earphones from their safe place and finding them somehow tangled up. We have a great solution for this problem with our range of promotional cable management keyrings. Earphone cables can wrap around the spine of our stylish keyring in the shape of a fish skeleton. These particular promotional cable management keyrings are also bottle openers, doubling their usefulness and chances that your brand will be seen.

Electronic breathalyzer

If you’ve ever found yourself out for a drink or two, the familiar dread of being over the limit is always on your mind. With our promotional electronic breathalyzer, that worry can be alleviated. These promotional breathalyzer keyrings fit easily in clients pockets. They make ideal promotional products at drivers awareness events or schooling institutions. these could persuade a heavily intoxicated user to think twice before they operate a vehicle.

Trolley coin keyrings

Trolley coin keyrings are useful products to have as a keyring accessories. They are used instead of one pound coins at shopping centers to release trolleys from each other. Our promotional trolley coin keyrings come in plastic budget versions, such as our keyring coin Ibershop. Or our metal shaped house trolley keyrings. Perfect for giveaways around shopping centres.

2 in 1 charger

Check out our post on the award winning 2 in 1 charger for Androids and iPhones, which doubles as a handy keyring.

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