Promotional Drinks – quench clients thirst and expose your brand

12th April 2017 in Branding Advice

Promotional Drinks – quench clients thirst and expose your brand

Promotional drinks and your company

Are you a company in the process of deciding what to use as your next promotional product? Then check out our promotional drinks. These are the perfect marketing product to use all year round. They are great for daily brand exposure to commuters, runners, students, and everyone in between. We have various promotional drinks to choose from to quench your clients thirst. Such as bottled water, cans, wine sets, and many more. In this blog we will be running through some of our most popular and favourite promotional drinks, to help you decide the best option for your next marketing venture.

Bottled Water

Promotional bottled water makes for a great marketing strategy to stock in corner shops and supermarkets. These promotional bottled waters are also ideal as giveaway products at events, such as marathons and sport days at schools. They have large surface print areas for excellent brand exposure and can be printed front and back, or as a wrap around print. We have glass bottled water available, as well as plastic.

Fizzy / Energy drinks

Promotional fizzy / energy drinks are perfect for clients who need a kick of energy for the long days and nights. These promotional fizzy / energy drinks act as great brand exposure. They are ideal for stocking in corner shops and supermarkets, similar to our promotional bottled water. These promotional fizzy / energy drinks are also perfect giveaway products at various events, such as fetes or exhibitions and conferences. Their large printing area, either front and back or as a wrap around image ensures efficient brand exposure wherever these promotional products are.

Wine Sets

Promotional wine sets are ideal to give clients a luxury feeling promotional product. We brand everything, such as corkscrews, wine aerators, glass identifiers, and wine racks. These are ideal for brand exposure around clients homes and restaurants. Check out our promotional wine Set Sarap, a wine shaped wine set with drip catcher, pourer, and waiter’s friend bottle opener.

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