Marketing To Clients At Work

24th March 2017 in Branding Advice | Printing Processes

Marketing To Clients At Work

Promotional Desk Products And Your Brand

Promotional desk products are the best way to market to office workers at their place of work. If you have a look around your desk right now, you will find at the very least your monitor, mouse and keyboard has branding on them. This branding is seen daily by users, especially those whose jobs revolve around working at a computer desk. Take the average office worker for example, they are in front of their desks for around forty hours a week. This means that during that time they are subliminally taking in details from their surroundings.

We have a huge range of promotional desk items, to ensure maximum brand exposure at clients workplace desks. Below with links are some of our favourites.

Desk Calendars

Our promotional desk calendars are a great way to get your brand onto office workers desks. They are practical products to promote, and a cost-effective way to stay in touch with clients in offices and at home. Due to desk calendars nature, they will be seen daily and used often for inputting important dates. Take this opportunity to incorporate company dates, such as exhibitions and sales to expand your brand exposure.

Promotional desk calendars are easy to take to promotional conferences and exhibitions. They can be posted to clients home addresses and used as add on items if clients spend over a particular amount on one of your products.


Promotional mouse-mats are a great way to expose your brand to clients on a daily basis. We have a huge range, from standard mouse-mats with full image printable surfaces, to corporate mouse-mats with number pads or calculators on them.

Check out our popular mouse-pad keyboard Negu. These mouse-pads have the number pad from the right side of a standard keyboard, and is ideal to promote to clients in accountancy roles or banks. These mouse-pads also include three USB ports, perfect for connecting a mouse and a charging cable for peripherals. Your company’s logo can be printed above the number pad.


Coffee and tea are popular drinks in the office. So, get your branding on our promotional coasters to keep desks safe and your company exposed.

We have many different styles of promotional coasters on offer, including plastic shaped coasters, glass coasters and corporate coaster sets. A popular promotional coaster is the Stafford coaster set. These consist of four silver coasters in an elegant triangle shaped holder. Perfect for sharing in a design team or at meeting tables.

Pen Pots

Promotional pen pots are the ideal office appliance for busy offices that do a lot of paper work. We have many different styles of promotional pen pots to choose from, such as our budget pen holder clips, to one of our favourites, the Philippi Zick Zack pen holders.

These pen holders really give the office a wow factor and will be a talking point for clients. Branded Philippi Zick Zack pen holders come designed with movable stacks that rotate around an axis.

Desk Sets

Can’t decide between our promotional desk products? Then get our branded desk-sets. These desk sets come equipped with a printed mouse-mat with matching coasters and pen pots.

Interested in any of these products or want to find out more? Call us on 0116 366 0052 and speak to a member of our sales team today. They’ll guide you through your free, unlimited visuals & alterations with our in-house design team, and get you on track to get your promotional desk products before your next big promotional event.