Boosting your brand exposure with children’s safety wear

21st June 2017 in Branding Advice

Boosting your brand exposure with children’s safety wear

Are you a company struggling to expose your brand in a child-centric environment? Instead of forcing through costly adverts, you can integrate your brand into everyday lives. So, how can this be achieved? One word: Safety. When thinking of safety gear, we often think of industrial safety gear that’s used on a worksite and in factories. However, with added safety guidelines for school trips and days out, safety gear for children is on the rise. With more off-site school trips and organised walks to and from schools, keeping kids safe is key. This blog will be covering why branding children’s safety gear is a wise investment to promote your company’s brand and drive sales.

Your demographic and children’s safety wear

Studies show that constant exposure to a specific logo or slogan increases brand recall. So, it’s worth trying to keep your brand in sight on a consistent basis. One of the easiest ways to do this with children, without bombarding them or their parents, is to integrate your branding into children’s every day lifestyle. If you sell toys or study books to children but can’t find a way to effectively market these products without breaking the bank, then branding safety gear could be right up your street.

In most children’s products advertising, the children are the mediators, the go-betweens. The kid sees a shiny new toy on TV but they can’t buy it – the kid has to market that product to the parents to buy. Promotional clothing skips the middle-kid and goes straight to the parents.

Hi-vis jackets and bands are seen when children are taken on school trips or school runs. This means that on average your branding would be seen twice a day by multiple children and parents.

How we can help with safety gear

So, how can we help you meet your branding needs? We have a large range of various promotional hi-vis children’s vests, safety glasses, and hi-vis bands ready and waiting for your branding to be featured on them. Our in-house design team will quickly create markups of how your brand will look on our promotional children’s safety products. They will also carry out unlimited alterations until it looks just how you want it to.

Get in touch

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