Promotional Calendars – the versatile promotional products to market your brand

14th April 2017 in Branding Advice

Promotional Calendars – the versatile promotional products to market your brand

Are you a company or charity searching for an easy way to stay connected with clients? Then check out our promotional calendars to keep your clients in the loop with all your company’s special events and products. Promotional calendars are a great way to market your brand to clients all year round. These promotional calendars will be looked at daily in clients homes or offices, and offer the unique opportunity for clients to write occasions and reminders on them. The promotional calendars can also have your company’s special occasions printed on them, to increase brand exposure.

Advent calendars

Promotional advent calendars are a great way to promote your brand around the seasonal periods, such as Christmas. We have various different styles to choose from, such as a 25 door version, a 24 door desktop version, and a 12 door version. These are all available with full printing, ensuring efficient brand exposure as giveaway items or retail. Every promotional advent calendar comes with solid Belgian milk chocolates.

Desk calendars

Promotional desk calendars are perfect to reach clients on their desks at the office, or at home. We have a large range to choose from, such as perpetual desk calendars, Calendar pods with sticky notes and note pad, and a calendar desk mat. Due to being desk calendars they will be visible to not only your clients but also their peers.

Check out our promotional Desktop Calendar Ener. This is a prime example of less is more. These compact desktop calendars take up a small footprint on office desks and reception desks, and are perfect to brand and distribute to all types of clients. This encourages brand exposure to not only your clients but also their clients as well.

Wall calendars

Promotional wall calendars are great for marketing in clients homes or the office staff room. We have many different styles to choose from that will ensure great band exposure, such as our spiral bound wall calendars. If you are a takeout company, why not brand our budget wall calendars and supply them with a clients order? These promotional calendars will be used in the home and encourage clients to think of your company when getting another take out.

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