Promotional bar products – creating the perfect bar

3rd April 2017 in Branding Advice

Promotional bar products – creating the perfect bar

Promotional bar products – creating the perfect bar

We all know that one of the most important parts of any outdoor event is the bar. Hiring portable bar company can get expensive, so there is always the do-it-yourself option. We have a few promotional bar products that could help make your outdoor event a hit.

Getting the bar right, whether you’re serving alcohol, soft drinks or tea and coffee, will make the outdoor event a success. If you’re planning your wedding reception, a charity fundraising event or an outdoor marketing event, these personalised promotional bar products will be a great choice.

Promotional pitcher

If you’re running a DIY bar you’re not going to want it crowded. These four pint pitchers will keep a table occupied for a short while. The products are made from an unbreakable plastic, so these promotional pitchers are as durable as they could be.

They can also be printed in up to four spot colours so they offer a great way to commemorate any event.

Printed Ice buckets

There’s two ways we can go with an ice bucket. The first option is the classier one, it’s a stylish champagne bucket. The top-quality bucket will keep a bottle of champagne or white and rose wine chilled for the perfect summer’s drink.

It’s fair to say the second option is a little bit cheaper. We offer standard buckets from as little as £1.25. They won’t win any prizes for their looks, but after filling a budget bucket with ice and chucking some beers in, nobody will mind after a while.

Branded mason jars

Mason jars are the trendy choice for drinking right now. If you’re looking for glassware with options then branded mason jars are the product you want. You can have them in glass or ceramic, with or without a handle, with or without a lid. They’re much more customisable than the humble pint glass.

Promotional mason jars also make great giveaways or wedding favours. At a wedding, offer to give the glasses a quick rinse (maybe for the smaller weddings…) and let the guests know they can take them home.

A great thing about mason jars is there isn’t a link with alcohol. With pint glasses and shot glasses there is always the expectation that alcohol will follow. These promotional bar products can be used as water and juice glasses too.

Outdoor events are a great way to celebrate a wedding, fundraise in the sun or just as a marketing campaign opener. We have a great range of other promotional bar products, such as shot glasses, pint glasses and napkins, but we’d be here all day if we started listing the lot.

Instead, you can head to our website to have a look at the full range. If you like the look of the products above, please give our sales team a call on 0116 3660052.