How to promote your company in three easy steps

17th May 2017 in Branding Advice

How to promote your company in three easy steps

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Promoting a business can be a difficult task to wrap your head around. Having your business established and signed up to Companies House is not the end. Customers will not suddenly come flocking to your doors, especially if they have no idea what you do or where you are. So, how can you make your new, or struggling company stand out from the crowd and bring in profits? There are many different ways to bring your marketing up to scratch. In this blog we will be going through three easy ways to answer the question: How to promote my company?

Writing blogs

Writing blogs may seem like something that a teenager locked away in their room does. Whilst that may be true, blogging is also a viable and valued part of promoting companies in the modern age of technology. Blogs are great for conveying unique information to your customers in bite sized chunks. They also offer the opportunity to help your company rank higher in search engines due to being consistently updated content with relevant keywords. Blogs can also be linked to via various social media outlets, ensuring a large online footprint of your company’s services.

Press releases

Press have empty pages to fill. Write about something positive happening within the community that your company is a part of and send it to your local media outlets. You are helping them meet their quota, whilst also promoting your brand – a win, win situation. Press releases only cost your time, compared to paid advertising and are not only read by just the media moguls. Most of the readers are your potential customers. Investors also keep up to date with press releases. So, writing a press release of your company’s successes and advancements acts as a magnet for attracting investment in the future.

Promotional products

Promotional products act as long-term ad investment for a company. These are items such as pens or notebooks that are branded by your company via EverythingBranded. These branded products are practical to their clients. This tends to mean they will be used on a consistent basis over a long period of time, promoting brand recall. Branded giveaways are the cheapest impression compared to other advertising routes. One promotional product can be seen by the user and those around them. So, for the cost of one promotional product that is transportable and usable daily for an extended period of time your banding is seen by hundreds of potential clients.

If you are trying to answer the question: How to promote my company? Follow the above tips and you will be on your way to a happy and profitable future.