Five Marketing Products which won’t get thrown away

13th May 2016 in Branding Advice

Five Marketing Products which won’t get thrown away

Five Marketing Products which won’t just end up in a desk drawer

Even we at can just about admit that marketing products don’t have a 100% success rate, although we think they’re pretty great! Here are a quick list of products we believe won’t end up forgotten about in the country’s desk drawers.

These marketing products are ideal for potential customers and clients as well as a great way of rewarding current employees’ loyalty and dedication.

Promotional Mugs

Although perhaps not the most outside the box product to kick things off with, the branded mug is consistently a top selling promotional product for a reason.

They are well priced and are used in every type of working environment. Whether your potential customers prefer tea or coffee, a herbal drink, hot chocolate or even a cup-a-soup, they will use a mug at some point in the day. It makes sense to have your company’s details on it.

marketing products umbrella

20″ 2-Section Umbrella

Even if the mugs aren’t used by the person you hand it to, they can end up in their kitchen or the work kitchen and are likely to be used by someone eventually.

For those on the move employees we also have a great range of promotional travel mugs, ideal to get your brand seen out and about on public transport on the way to and from work.

Promotional Umbrellas

At the time of writing this post it’s currently raining extremely heavily in Leicester. It was around 25°C yesterday and the week before it was snowing. Our point – branded umbrellas are always going to be a useful product to have in Britain.

We have a great range of budget umbrellas, large golf umbrellas and a few storm-proof umbrellas for those harsher days. Print areas on the branded umbrellas we have tend to be an extremely good size so the print will not only be seen by the owner but anyone who happens to walk by. We also have a good range of kids umbrellas.

As well as being a highly practical and a good quality promotional product, they often don’t fit in computer desk drawers, so it has that going for it too!

marketing products candle

Lunar Scented Candle

Promotional Candles 

Nothing quite says relax like a candle. We can’t think of a better way to thank your staff for their efforts than one of our promotional candles.

The majority of our promotional candles are delightfully fragranced and are beautifully packaged making it a fantastic ready-to-go promotional product which is not likely to end up being hid away.

The top quality promotional candles will be on show to your potential customer and clients as well as current employee’s homes.

Promotional Power banks and Portable Chargers 

Long gone are the days of a Nokia 3310 where the battery would last days, weeks and months. Mobile phones are integral to the working environment so your customers, clients and employees need to make sure they have a quick and easy way of giving their phone a quick power boost.

This is where our branded power banks come into play. Whether checking emails out of office or on a conference call on a train, promotional power banks are a must have.

We have them in different power levels and in all shapes, sizes and colours. There are plenty of choices for your brand to take advantage of.

marketing products chocolate

Chocky sweet pots

Promotional Sweets and Mints

Branded sweets and chocolate might not be the first promotional product that come to mind but they are a memorable gift or giveaway, sure to set your stall out from the crowd at any exhibition or trade show.

We’ve got a good range of mint tins, bagged chocolate and sweets as well as stylish glass pots, ideal for a perfect way to sweeten a good deal with your printed design on them.

There are plenty of other marketing products available that will suit the customers you’re trying to engage with. The most important thing is making sure you get the right products for your customers and employees.

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