Marketing at Christmas

16th October 2017 in Branding Advice

Marketing at Christmas

Marketing at Christmas

It may only early October but it’s about the time to start thinking about how your charity, company or organisation can take advantage of the Christmas period.

Every organisation, big or small, tries to take advantage of the festival. And they try to take advantage in a number of different ways. You’ll get John Lewis and M&S trying to tug at your heartstrings and others going for the comedic family effect. Companies like Coca-Cola rely on the now traditional truck.

Each organisation is trying to play on those holiday emotions. Whether it’s a teary look back at past Christmases, the cheerful nostalgia of a once-a-year advert or playing on the time spent with family around the festive seasons, getting that positive link between Christmas, the customer and the brand is the key to Christmas marketing.

We understand that very few companies have the marketing budgets to fund an elaborate Christmas film so we’re here to offer a couple of suggestions to get your organisation in the festive spirit.

A little website re-design

The face of the majority of businesses these days are their websites. Giving a website a couple of festive features can get all your customers in the Christmas spirit. Whether it’s a Santa hat photoshopped on a temporary seasonal category or a snowy backdrop to the website, it all makes the customer feel more welcome to the site. It also makes your site appear frequently updated and relevant. (just remember to take the hat off when January begins)

Social media

Whether it’s Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Snapchat, social media is advertising royalty these days. With the range of social media available it’s important to judge your audience well. Social media is perfect for the quick hitting campaigns. Make your point and make it quickly, social media impressions are fleeting but when they hit – they’re key.

Christmas giveaways

Here’s where we get into our domain. Christmas is a fantastic time for branded giveaways. People love getting presents and they love it especially in December. We have Santa stress balls, Santa hats or festive baubles. All available to be printed with your colours and artwork – and all with the intention to evoke a positive feeling from your customers.

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