Making a company day out a success

21st April 2017 in Branding Advice

Making a company day out a success

There is nothing less enjoyable than organised fun. The mandatory fun involved in company day trips, picnics and outings can be seen as the most corporate way of improving teamwork and camaraderie. Thankfully we’ve got some top tips to turn your company day out from boring to brilliant. And not all of them involve promotional products!

Picking the menu

Everyone loves food. It’s the great unifier. Burgers, hotdogs, crisps and cake are always a good go-to food but remember to cater for the event. Different people want different things, so make sure your spread will make everyone happy. Keep in mind that some of your customers, visitors and staff members may be vegetarian or have allergies and sensitivities.

We can offer promotional food and drink to help some events but even we can admit the occasional limitations of promotional products. Having the event catered would be a win for everyone.

Where promotional products can be used is the plates the food will be served on. Whether ceramic, paper or plastic, we can provide custom printed plates for the event.

Party favours

The main complaint about organised fun at companies is the fact that you’re required to attend. Handing out good-looking and useful gifts as party favours as a way of saying thank you for attending will go a long way to making the event a success. It will also mean the staff will be more excited when the next event comes around.

One option we have available are printed mason jars. Mason jars are a fun and trendy addition to any kitchen or drinks cupboard. Whether they are ceramic or glass, with or without a handle, these products are a great product to send your guests home with.

If you’re looking for something to suit a smaller budget, promotional candles might be the way forward. Scented candles can be a perfect gift to send your customers and employees off with.

Staying on budget

Although we think it’s important to make sure your event is a success, it all needs to be achieved within a budget. One way to increase the budget would be charging a fee for family members and guests or having an optional donation tin. The one issue here is that you don’t want to look cheap. You want your visitors and guests to enjoy the day – not resent paying money for a company day out.

For more information about how can help at your corporate day out, you can chat to our experienced sales team on 0116 3660052. You can also head to our homepage to start your search for promotional products.