Executive keyrings – add style to clients keys

2nd February 2017 in Branding Advice | Promotions | Unique promotional products

Executive keyrings – add style to clients keys

Executive keyrings are portable, practical and easily fit in pockets. They will be seen multiple times throughout the day, such as when clients leave their house and get in their car for work.

Our executive range also make fantastic corporate gifts to celebrate landmarks in an employee’s career.

Keyrings we offer


Our metal keyrings come in 139 practical variations, such as; bottle openers, whistles, torches, thermometers and compasses. They cater to interests, professions, and keepsakes, such as; football designs, vehicular designs and photo frames/dog tags. All our designs are
professionally laser engraved or resin domed, and prices range from as little as 40p up to £35.44 for our executive line.


We have over 14 promotional leather keyring designs in many colours, including arctic white. We offer many variations, including; strap key-holders, hades, meribel, and picture keyrings, to name a few. Prices range from as little as £1.04 up to £13.41 for our executive line.

Trolley coinkeyrings

The trolley coin offers plenty of branding space and will be snatched up at promotional events as they double as a coin release to remove interlinked trolleys at supermarkets. our trolley coins come in various designs with either a removable coin or a permanently fixed one. The coin can be printed on one side or both and come in any stock colour. We care about the environment, so all our plastic trolley coins are made from recycled plastic. Prices range from as little as 13p up to  £1.51 for our executive line.

For more information about our promotional executive keyrings click here. Or call our sales team on 0116 366 0052.


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