Cooler bags – The ins and outs of keeping food fresh and your brand seen

31st January 2017 in Branding Advice | Cooler bags

Cooler bags – The ins and outs of keeping food fresh and your brand seen

Cooler bags are similar to  conventional bags and so come in many shapes and sizes for all your consumer needs. They are designed for their easy pick-up and go functionality, with the bonus of not having to lug around a fridge to keep your food and drink fresh and cool.

In essence a cooler bag is a mini-fridge on the go. They range from six litre capacity, for little Timmy’s lunch, to 30 litre capacity for a day out with the family. Cooler bags can store a range of perishable foods such as dairy, meat, fruit and vegetables, and are therefore great for keeping everything fresh for a picnic.

Cooler bags materials and why they matter

Coolers made from different materials offer varying degrees of durability and ease of use.


Most commonly referred to as an ice chest and made from moulded plastic, which makes it all round strong and durable.


Known as a collapsible cooler and designed for carrying fewer items, this cooler is lined with an insulating foam layer. They’re lightweight and ideal for carrying a lunch. Due to their compact-ability, they’re not as durable as plastic coolers and won’t keep items fresh as long.


Metal coolers offer the best durability. The drawback is that these tend to be more expensive than their counterparts and much heavier.


These are used in a fix and are lightweight but lack durability, as such these will not stand the test of time.


These coolers are plugged into an electrical outlet, such as a car cigarette socket. They’re the most expensive of all the coolers and are literal mini-fridges, they use no ice and have more capacity for food and drink. The drawback is the cooler bag loses its functionality away from a power outlet, so using for car journeys and glamping is the breadth of their use.

Why invest your brand in cooler bags?

Cooler bags offer large panels for any logo size and are bold in colour, making branding stand out to potential consumers.

Due to cooler bags practicality they are ideal for handing out at either corporate picnics or events. Their functionality means they’ll be used every time a consumer wants to keep their food fresh. This ensures branding is seen throughout the year.

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