Branded products – Build your own bag of promotional goodies

9th May 2016 in Branding Advice

Branded products – Build your own bag of promotional goodies

With over 20,000 products on our website sometimes it can be a bit daunting when you’re looking for those perfect branded products. There are plenty of things to consider: type of customer, area of business, target audience. Why not put the decision in the customer’s hands?

Branded products - pen

Contour Argent

An all you can eat buffet of branded products if you will. A pick and mix of promo pens, mugs and keyrings.

The first thing you need is a promotional bag. Last year branded bags were the best-selling promotional item in the UK. Playing the role of a plate at the buffet table, shopping bags are used to carry the other merchandise around.

We have a wide range of bags available, but two options are the popular York Jute bags or the cheaper Natural 5oz Cotton Shopper.

Now for some products to put in the bag.

Pens are always a great selling product. Used every day and found on every desk across the country, promotional pens are a well-priced and long lasting way of getting your brand out there.

Whether plastic or metal, ball or fountain, we have the promotional pen for you. Just a couple of options are our best-selling plastic Contour range and they classy metal Point Plus pens.

Branded products - keyring

Vulcan Keyring

Promotional keyrings round out the top three of the best-selling branded products of the last year.

Sets of keys are used every day so it makes sense to get your brand on them. Why not add to your marketing campaign with a trolley coin keyring or even a bottle opener keyring for added practicality and functionality.

We’ve already had a look through some of our best-selling mugs in a previous blog post. We have a great range including plastic, ceramic and bone china. Check out the blog post for more information on which mug is best to promote your brand. 

Branded products - usb


With an incredible amount of categories and products we could go on and on about what products to use to promote your brand but we’ll finish this particular post with branded USB FlashDrives. With storage options from 1GB up to 16GB, USB sticks are a great option to promote your brand. Why not pre-load your catalogue or your company reviews on there?

There are plenty of other branded products to choose from. What we’re aiming for is to give your customers and clients a chance to build their own bag depending on their own requirements.

In doing this your organisation’s logo or message will be printed on products which will be in use frequently and hopefully for a long time.

We’ve linked to plenty of products in this post but if you’re looking for more all of our products are available from our home page.