Advertise your business with Branded Office Supplies

23rd November 2018 in Branding Advice

Advertise your business with Branded Office Supplies

No matter the size, every business wants to promote their brand on a humble budget. Advertising can take shape in many forms; television, print, online advertising and sponsorship, however, many of these methods of advertising are expensive and do not target the right people.


Employees who are enthusiastic about their company believe in and understand the company’s goals and vision are more likely to share that enthusiasm with others. This makes internal marketing an important part of external branding and marketing efforts. Your best marketing tool is the distribution of branded office supplies. Giving out pens, folders, notebooks, mugs and mouse pads with your company’s logo has many benefits such as creating a sense of loyalty and unity amongst employees towards your business.

Benefits of Branded Office Supplies

Branding office supplies is also a great way to advertise your company’s products or services to potential clients. Office supplies are products that are constantly required so your target audience is most people. By opting for branded office items you can guarantee at some point your branded notebook will end up being used in an office environment, and seen and shared by your target audience. Instead of handing out a business card, your branded promotional product will leave a bigger impact.

Branded office supplies are great tools to help clients remember you when they need you. People don’t want to look for a business card from months ago- one that most likely ended up in the bin. Most individuals won’t be able to recall your business information but if you were smart enough to invest in branded coffee cups, one that still sits in their kitchen, this will prove as a great memory refresher. In addition, sending out branded notebook to professional clients will make certain that they see your brand image every day while they sit at their desk.

Did you know…

  • 94% of us can still recall the name and industry of a business that gifted us a promotional product, even after the six-month mark.
  • Consumers were three times more likely to return as paying customers out of loyalty when gifted promo products rather than through over advertising mediums like web, print, TV or mail.
  • 52% of consumers said their impression of a company is more positive after receiving a promotional product from them.
  • Up to 50% of consumers interact with their promotional products daily.


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