5 Vital Reasons to Have a Stylus Pen

7th March 2015 in Branding Advice

5 Vital Reasons to Have a Stylus Pen

Stylus pens, are they a gimmick? Or are there valuable reasons for having a couple in each jacket pocket? Here are our 5 vital reasons to have a stylus pen, but you could have more…

1 Dexterity and Disability:

Lots of people find it difficult to use a tablet or iPad with their fingers if they have arthritic joints; it is actually painful for them to hold a finger outstretched for a time to be able to type a message. Also some people are not dexterous with their fingers so typing becomes a real nuisance when they keep hitting the wrong letters and it then takes twice as long.
Men have larger finger than women and it can be really difficult for them to touch only 1 symbol at a time. So stylus pens make it much easier for them to be accurate and make communication much less laborious.

2. Screen protection from long nails

Ladies who have gel nails physically won’t be able to touch the screen with their fingertip a nails are too long. They are able to touch the flat of the finger to the screen, but this is too big an area and causes lots of errors taking time to correct.
The screen can get damaged by being tapped with the end of a nail, so using stylus pens will make your screen last longer and you won’t crack a gel nail in the process.

3. Cold weather and freezing cold fingers

The whole reason behind having a tablet is portability, and if it’s too cold to use at the bus stop or waiting for a train because you can’t feel your fingers and can’t do it with gloves on, then it’s pretty useless in the winter.
Having stylus pens in your bag will solve that completely. No need to take off your gloves and you can clear a few emails while waiting for the train. Styluses are so thin that they can be difficult to grip with cold fingers, but stylus pens are much easier to use in all weathers.

4. Greasy and dirty fingers

You often need to use a tablet to make notes when talking to people and that quite often involves a business breakfast, coffee and cake, or you may be a painter or builder and not be able to wash off paint or cement before you use it. We all have oily fingers naturally and this too can spear across the touchscreen,
Stylus pens on a lanyard or in your pocket are a perfect solution and mean you can still take down a telephone number while you eat that do nut.

5 Styluses get lost, but Stylus pens don’t

How many teeny weeny little styluses have you lost in the past? They are just not easy to store and lay your hands on. They disappear without trace into the linings of coats and jackets, they hide in deep dark places at the bottom of handbags, and they always bury themselves in your stationary drawer when you need one.
Having a few stylus pens means that you can actually find one when you need it, and in addition, when you are writing with a stylus pen, it’s an easy manoeuvre to turn it upside down to use the stylus, or click the top to use the tip stylus without having to rummage for another implement.


I’m sure there are lots more reasons you have found for using them, so do send them in to us with a comment or reply. In fact, every reason you send us, www.everythingbranded.co.uk will send you a stylus pen in return; just leave us your email address…